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Freedom of Information

If you wish to make a request for information from the Nottinghamshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner please email nopcc@nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk or write to the address below.

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner
Arnot Hill House
Arnot Hill Park
NG5  6LU

We will respond to each FOI request within 20 working days.


 FOI Responses 2017
Request details



Victim’s, Sexual Violence/Domestic Violence Services

For each financial year 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14,  2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17
(if possible. If not then please provide for calendar year):

1.   How much was spent by the PPC on services for:
       (a)   Victim’s services
       (b)   Sexual violence/ domestic violence

2.  Broken down by year, please provide details of the types of sexual violence/domestic violence
      programmes that were funded - e.g. refuge shelters, counselling, work with male perpetrators

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Support for victims of Rape and Sexual Assaults

  • For each of the past five years (including 2017 to date), please provide a list of the local groups to receive funding from the PCC/Mayor/Authority for the provision of support to victims of rape and sexual assault; together with the amount of money provided.
  • Has the PCC/Mayor/Authority given any consideration to any waiting lists for rape and sexual violence support, and how such waiting lists can be mitigated against. If so, please provide details.
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Under the FOI Act please can you let me know your organisation’s budget for:

  • 2016
  • 2017

This is the total operating budget for your organisation across all departments etc.

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  1. How much is your Chief Executive paid?
  2. When did they start work in the OPCC?
  3. What payment was made to the previous Chief Executive when they left?
  4. How many OPCC staff have been made redundant, dismissed or taken voluntary exit or early retirement since April 2016?
  5. What is the total amount given to them in voluntary exit payments, redundancy pay, severance payments, lump sums, payments in lieu of notice, compensation awards and pension payments?
  6. What was the single highest payment?
  7. How many of them signed confidentiality or ‘gagging’ clauses as part of compromise agreements when they left?
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Request for information regarding your commissioned services for survivors of domestic violence and abuse.

For each question apart from Question 7, please provide information broken down into the following categories:

a)      Your commissioned services for women experiencing domestic violence and abuse
b)      Your commissioned services for men experiencing domestic violence and abuse
c)       Your commissioned services which are for either women or men experiencing domestic violence and abuse
d)      Your commissioned services for groups with specific needs such as BME women, disabled women, and LGBTQ survivors experiencing domestic violence and abuse

  1. What is the value of your commissioned services, and has this amount increased or decreased since it was last commissioned?
  2. Which organisation or organisations currently hold the contract for your commissioned services? When are these services due to be re-commissioned? Please include dates of then tender documents will be available.
  3. When your services were commissioned, was an Equality Impact Assessment carried out? Has your procurement team or legal advisors ensured that your decisions were compliant with both the EU Procurement Directive and the EU Directive on Victim’s Rights?
  4. How many expressions of interest did you receive and how many final bids did you receive?
  5. How much did the commissioning process cost you?
  6. Was the decision to commission your services made as part of a Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) strategy?
  7. Mapping of provision:

a)    Did you undertake mapping of service provision as part of the commissioning protect for domestic violence and abuse?
b)    If yes, please list details of the domestic violence service providers in your local authority that are NOT commissioned by the local authority following categories: (i) services for women experiencing domestic violence and abuse (ii) services for men experiencing domestic violence and abuse; (iii) women or men experiencing domestic violence and abuse (iv) BME women, disabled women, and LGBTQ survivors experiencing domestic violence and abuse.

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Complaints against staff for the misuse of Police National Computer

Part 1
I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information:

  • The number of complaints about police officers illegally accessing the Police National Computer
  • The number of complaints about force civilian staff illegally accessing the Police National Computer
  • Please detail the outcome of those complaints (numbers of police officers disciplined/prosecuted/suspended/sacked/no action, numbers of police staff disciplined/prosecuted/suspended/sacked/no action)
  • Please detail for what purposes (where known) those police officers and staff unlawfully accessed the PNC

Please provide the information for calendar years 2014, 2015, 2016 – Jan-Dec.

Part 2
OPCCs should/usually hold a log detailing the nature of complaints sent to them by members of the public.  Please provide details of the number of complaints against police that involve the alleged misuse of the Police National Computer.

We are aware that any complaints relating to police officers and staff received by the OPCC are usually sent on to the police force.

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