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Calverton Echo Column - August 2015

Posted: Monday 3rd August 2015

We all want to feel safe and secure in our homes and thankfully many of us will never experience what it is like to become a victim of crime. However, summer is a time when statistically we are more vulnerable to criminality – not because offending patterns typically increase but because we are much more relaxed about our approach to security and crime prevention. Nobody wants to live under a cloud of fear however taking sensible precautions when it comes to protecting our property is always sensible – regardless of the season.

Many people continue to believe that while they are within the boundaries of their premises they will not attract the attention of burglars. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Criminals are experienced in exploiting opportunities for gain and will expose any failures in security. This could mean that while you’re sunbathing in your back garden, a burglar accesses your property via your unlocked front door and makes off with your property undetected.

Opportunistic crime is what its name suggests – crime which might otherwise not occur if the opportunity was not presented. A burglar or thief who has no visual evidence of the valuable goods concealed within a car, handbag or conservatory will be less likely to take that leap of faith and risk getting caught for nothing. We’ll never be able to prevent every crime but placing a few obstacles in front of an offender such as a locked door or window could be enough to deter them.

Summer, if we’re lucky, brings lots of opportunities for socialising thanks to lighter and warmer evenings. However, the longer nights can lead to an increase in incidents of antisocial behaviour, especially when schools close for the summer, which is why local neighbourhood policing teams will be stepping up their presence in our communities over the next few weeks. This will be supported by the addition of a new CCTV camera for Calverton which will not only act as a deterrent but also enable us to record evidence of ASB.   

It’s always helpful to remind residents that simply playing out in the street is not ASB. Neither is it against the law to play with a football in a neighbourhood. Ask yourself whether youngsters having fun outside are really doing anything wrong. In the situations where they are clearly causing a nuisance, these issues can often be resolved by talking calmly to those involved. For serious cases, there is lots of help available and we work closely with local authority leads to address these problems.     

I wish you a safe and warm August and urge you always to keep one step ahead of criminals.  


Paddy Tipping
Police and Crime Commissioner


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