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Winter is on its way

Posted: Monday 16th October 2017


Winter will soon be on its way and across Nottinghamshire police are already preparing for the challenges this will bring.

Burglaries typically spike in the months of October, November and December as the nights get darker and the clocks go back, giving criminals a cloak of cover to commit their crimes.

Also, as we build up to Christmas, homes, cars and shops are packed with expensive goods which are very enticing to thieves and opportunists. Christmas can be a profitable time for criminals and it can place an additional strain on policing resources but if we work together and heed security advice, we can reduce our own chances of becoming a victim.

With the aid of mobile data systems, our officers are spending increasing amounts of time on patrol in their communities. While it’s no substitute for extra cops, it means those officers we have are much more visible in communities like Calverton and can build up relationships with local people to help prevent crime.

The financial woes continue and we’ve had to learn in recent years to ‘make do’ or rather ‘make the best’ of what we have. This isn’t futile however.  It simply demands the very best value out of public money. Can we do more? I think the answer is yes. There are a lot more opportunities to share services and explore joint procurement projects with our partners and other forces to maintain a formidable frontline. We just have to bite the bullet and relinquish any fears we might have about losing control or independence.

If we are to convince the government policing desperately needs more support and funding, then we are going to have to show we are doing our best to cooperate with our colleagues. This means relinquishing our grip on autonomy. Every step we take to reduce costs by collaboration is in the public interest. It frees up money to be spent elsewhere and ensures resources are sent to where they’re needed most.

We are already working very closely with our partners to tackle crime. Our hardworking officers in Calverton work alongside council staff to collectively solve problems such as antisocial behaviour. In other parts of the county, we’ve introduced shared community hubs – facilities based in the heart of our communities which bring together police and other public safety services in one place to tackle problems together.

As we look to the future, there will be an increasing need to look at what else we can do to innovate our services, and use our resources wisely. Teamwork is the key.

Local people will always be a vital part of that joint effort. Those who live in Calverton and the surrounding villages can have a big impact on its safety this winter by removing temptation, securing property and making it harder for criminals to strike.

Paddy Tipping
Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner

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