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Community messaging service upgraded in Nottinghamshire

SSwardens with caroline at Holidays Hill Park

A community messaging service in Nottinghamshire has been upgraded to keep residents constantly updated with things happening in their area and how they are being addressed.

Notts Alerts also allows residents to let the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Nottinghamshire Police know their individual concerns which will be fed into their local police team’s priorities.

So, if there is a problem with anti-social behaviour on your street or just worries over a spate in burglaries in your area then action will be taken.

The messaging service – direct to your mobile phone by text or through email – can also be translated into dozens of languages.

This makes engagement possible with hundreds of people where English is not their first language.

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry said: “The Notts Alert service is an innovative and exciting way of keeping in regular, direct contact with the people of Nottinghamshire and strengthening the relationship we have with our communities.

“Our Speak up Notts survey was recently sent out on the platform and was incredibly well received, with hundreds of people taking part and helping to make a difference to where they live.

“We want everybody here in Nottinghamshire to feel safe in their areas and also understand what is going on around them. With messages sent direct to mobile phones and the ability to read them in dozens of different languages, the Notts Alert service does just that.”

The service is completely free and easy to use providing regular updates on what is happening in your area.

It also includes crime and prevention advice including how not to fall victim to all the latest scams and the police events happening on your doorstep.

Surveys will be sent out giving you the chance to shape the way your local police team works and uses their resources.

The launch of this community messaging service is all about building stronger and lasting relationships with the communities of Nottinghamshire.

Superintendent Claire Rukas, who is leading on Notts Alert for Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This is a new and exciting way to engage with our residents.

“It allows us to speak directly to the people of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire through their mobile phones and email addresses.

“Whichever part of the city and county you live, this service is tailored to you, with the alerts specific to your area, age, and ethnicity.

“It allows us to address the problems affecting you and that your voice is being heard.

“For example, if you are concerned about an anti-social behaviour problem on a specific street then this new system allows you to raise these issues directly with us.

“This is not replacing anything we already do. It is welcomed addition and will allow us to speak and listen to a wide range of communities by offering the alerts in a range of different languages.

“For example, Nottingham has a large Chinese student community and this service ensures we can get messages directly to them and also hear their concerns.

“It is all about building trust and confidence and those relationships with the many communities we protect and serve.”

 Notts Alerts (sometimes known as Neighbourhood Alerts) has been used in the force previously and currently has around 40,000 people signed up to it.

 To sign-up for Notts Alerts, CLICK HERE.

Posted on Friday 27th October 2023
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