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Freedom of Information Log for 2015


 FOI Responses 2015
Request details



Breast Ironing in the UK

  • Are you aware that the practice of breast ironing is occurring in your jurisdiction?
  • Do you have a record of incidents of breast ironing that have come to your attention?
  • If so, how many incidents have you recorded in each of the years between 2010 and 2015?
  • How many convictions for abuse have you had in your area where breast ironing has been part of or been the root of the abuse in each year between 2010 and 2015?
  • Do you feel you have the righ guidance to equip your team to be able to identify the warning signs that breast ironing is occurring?
  • Would you welcome more guidance?

If you have any other feedback or information on this topic, I would be really grateful to receive it.  Feel free to detail overleaf.

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Under the Freedom of Information Act I would like to request the following data with regards to incidents involving fireworks that have happened between 2010 and 2015:- 

  • The number of incident numbers that have been issued in regards to fireworks being let off after the cut off time and the dates of these reports.
  • The number of incidents the police have been called out to involving fireworks.
  • The number of on the spot fines issued.
  • The number of prosecutions under the Firework Act 2004 and the number of no further actions.
  • How many reported incidents and fines were for under 18’s.
  • The number firework related road traffic accidents attended by police.
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Please provide a breakdown of the number of FOI requests received over the last 12 months.

I would like the breakdown to include the number, where known, by :

  • Journalists
  • Students
  • What do they know
  • Other

If possible could you please provide all costs that relate to the provision of providing responses relating to FOI.

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  1. What is the amount of the levy proceeds you have received?
  2. What was the amount of the levy proceeds you expected to receive?
  3. What have the levy proceeds been spent on? Can we have a breakdown of this?
  4. Have you had any meetings or discussions with the Council on how the levy money should be spent? If you have, would you please provide any minutes of these meetings?
  5. Has there been any consultation between the police and levy payers? Is it documented? If so can you please provide us with the minutes of these meetings? 
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PCC Research Enquiry

  1. Do you have a deputy/deputies PCC?
  2. If you do have a deputy/deputies, do they have any other paid work? If so what work?
  3. What is the PCC's salary?
  4. What is the total office annual wage bill?
  5. How many FTE staff?
  6. How many deputy PCCs?
  7. How many FTE (Full Time Equivalent) staff working on communications/PR?
  8. How much has the office spent on external consultants since it was established?
  9. What proportion of office staff from BAME backgrounds?
  10. Has the PCC confirmed their intention to run again in next year's 2016 election?
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Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, please provide me with THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IN RELATION TO OPERATION XERES

  1. How many individuals have made allegations in relation to this investigation?
  2. Break the allegations down in to individuals homes?
  3. How many individuals have been named as perpetrators?
  4. List individual charges and allegations to perpetrators
  5. How are the police keeping the public informed?
  6. How many arrests have been made
  7. How are the police encouraging Victims to come forward?
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Public Lawful Protest Events

What documented steps have been put in place to reduce the violence perpetrated by Nottinghamshire Police Officers when interfacing with the public at lawful protest events as witnessed in numerous YouTube Videos.

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PCC Election & Special Constables

Please could you confirm whether Paddy Tipping plans to stand for re-election next year?

In addition, could you also confirm your latest Special Constable headcount versus your target headcount in the PCC Plan.

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OPCC Staff Workers

I appreciate you will have been asked similar questions before but I am looking for specific figures on seconded officers. 

  1. How many members of OPCC staff are there of March 2015, and what is the current annual salary cost?
  2. How many people working in your office are seconded from the local police force, rather than being on the OPCC’s books, and what is the cost of their salaries?
  3. Please state the rank of these workers and what their seconded role is, ie sergeant working as staff officer.
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Children’s Social Worker

Personal information.

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Provision of services to the community Tender

Your organisation published the tenders below

Nottingham: Provision of services to the community

2014/S 217-384168

Nottingham: Provision of services to the community

2014/S 191-337441

My request is simply the full names and addresses of all of the companies who submitted a PQQ and / or ITT for this tender and whether they were successful or not, I would like to receive this information in either Word or Excel please.

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Your organisation published the tender below 

Nottingham: Repair and maintenance services of electrical and mechanical building installations

2014/S 237-417336

My request is simply the full names and addresses of all of the companies who submitted a PQQ and / or ITT for this tender and whether they were successful or not, I would like to receive this information in either Word or Excel please.

Please note - I do not require any confidential information about the bid itself or the bidders.

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Nottinghamshire Police Band

Annual budget;

Numbers of band members; of the total number,

How many are serving police officers?

How many are police support staff?

How many are ‘police volunteers?

How many who do not fall into above categories?

How often does the band rehearse?

How many engagements does the band fulfil on average each year?

Does your band make a charge for engagements and if so how much?

Does your band charge for every engagement/concert it undertakes?

If no charge is made, what criteria is put in place to forgo any charges?

How many engagements in the past 12 months have not incurred a charge?

Some of the bands have smaller bands within them, do you make a charge for these small ensembles?

If so how much?

Does your band hold the relevant licences to perform music in a public place (performing rights society) and/or to collect money in a public place (local government (miscellaneous provisions) act 1982 street trading policy)?

How many street collections has your band undertaken in the past 12 months and how much was collected?

If your band does hold a street collection at outdoor performances, who benefits from the money collected? (the force or charity)

If any such monies collected are for the band, are they a registered charity?

Do members of the band receive any remuneration? Eg do police officers or police staff get paid overtime?

Do band members receive any incidental expenses, travelling expenses, overnight expenses etc. If so, what is the cost per annum?

If expenses are paid, do police officers and support staff also receive the same renumeration?

Do any members of the band receive expenses for holding office within the band, musical director, chairman, treasurer etc? If so, what is the total cost per annum?

How many such officers are in the band?

What is their annual honorarium?

Of the total budget, how much is spent on music/instruments and associated items, repairs cost of hire of rehearsal room etc?

Are expenses paid to non band members?(guest players etc) if so how much is paid?

Do members of your band wear police uniform?

Is there a cost incurred for issue of uniform?

Does your band have any other uniform?

What is the cost for any such alternative uniform?

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Operation Animism patrols carried out in Mansfield area 2012/2013

How many incidents of Anti-social behaviour involving the Holly Ward area of Forest Town, specific to Little Hollies, were recorded during the period of the whole operation?

What sub types of ASB were recorded?

How frequent were the patrols carried out on Little Hollies during the whole operation?

What was the conclusion regarding this whole operation in relation to the specific Little Hollies proximity?

Were any restrictions, notices or cautions delivered regarding ASB in the specific Little Hollies area during the whole operation?

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CCTV in Nottingham Hackney Carriage vehicles

In June 2014 the Police Commissioners office announced funding was available to install CCTV in Nottingham Hackney Carriage vehicle’s. I understand this amounted to £95 thousand pounds. Under the freedom of information act can you please answer the following:

  1. How many CCTV’s have been installed to date, together with the Hackney license plate number(s).
  2. Which company / organisation installed the CCTV’S
  3. How much of the funding has been spent and is there any funding left.      
  4. Please provide any other further information relating to this request you may have on record
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Confederation of British Industry

I am writing to obtain information about the amount your organisation pays to the Confederation of British Industry and its subsidiaries. Please provide the amount paid to the CBI (and its regional subsidiaries)

(a)  in membership fees

(b)  fees for one off conferences or other events and

(c)  fees paid to the CBI for any other services.

Please make clear if the response includes payments from any Non-Departmental Public Bodies, Executive Agencies etc which fall under the department and please provide a breakdown of what payments came from which agency/body.

Please provide this information for the period 2009-2015 set out by calendar or financial year.

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Councillor Allowances and Expenses

I hereby wish to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 seeking disclosure of the amount of allowances and expenses paid to the following councillors for any appointments during May 2009 to May 2013 

Councillor Richard Jackson
Councillor Eric Kerry
Councillor Philip Owen
Councillor John Doddy
Councillor John Handley
Councillor Keith Longdon
Councillor Steve Carr

In addition a request for allowances and expenses paid to all of the above with the exception of Councillor Eric Kerry who did not get re-elected for the period from May 2013 to May 2015.

I am further requesting a list of all conferences, educational visits or any further business associated which incurred cost or paid reimbursement of costs for the same period. 

If the request would exceed the cost limits set in the Act then I would be grateful if you would advise what information could be supplied within the limits set in the Act.

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PCC's position on cannabis users and growers

  1. What position do you take in terms of your force's approach to investigating and prosecuting users of cannabis and those who have a small amount of plants at home for personal use?
  2. Have you adapted your force's approach to personal cannabis use and growing since being appointed? If so please give details.
  3. Do you have any intention of following the position set out by the Durham PCC in future?
  4. If you have decided not to prioritise this type of offending, please state what action is generally taken instead of prosecution? Why have you taken this course?
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Operation Hooper

Could you please advise me of how much this police operation has cost up to date and how much the debt recovery company who has requested the eviction are paying Nottingham police force to protect their property?

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Contracts awarded through the commissioning of sexual violence/abuse services or sexual violence/abuse related services

  1. All contracts awarded through the commissioning of sexual violence/abuse services or sexual violence/abuse related services in 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15. Please include the following details:

1.1.      Names of organisations awarded contracts
1.2.      Financial amounts awarded
1.3.      The duration of the contracts (including breakdown of amount awarded per year)

In relation to the above, please specify the category of the contracted services, i.e.:

(i)         advocacy, including independent sexual violence (ISVA) advice services
(ii)        face to face services: counselling, emotional support, group support
(iii)       forensic sexual assault services, including Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs).

     2.   Plans, strategies or other public documents that relate to spending and investment in
           sexual violence/abuse services or sexual violence/abuse related services.

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Operation Hooper

Please can you tell me how much tax payers money was spent on operation hooper and who authorised the operation and budget for it when police resources where used unlawfully to assist and facilitate the alleged unlawful eviction of Tom crawford and his family from Fern chase, Nottingham on 2nd July 2015. I estimate there were in attendance 200 officers, 26 riot vans including dog units and 3 helicopters.  Who picks up this bill? who funded the operation and if there was more than one funder or donator or contributor to the costs then please detail all parties involved and contributions made.

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Speeding Offence Charge

1) Why is it that the particular camera is situated at that position?

2) Does that particular camera 'double up' as a red light camera?

3) Would you agree that the position of the camera can exagerate offences?

4) With point three in mind, why is it that I was allegedly speeding at the point in question yet not caught speeding at the speeding camera location further up the same stretch of road

5) Please bear in mind that I travel that journey home from work on a regular basis, what could be the cause of not being caught speeding previously at either loacation if my explanation is not worthwhile.the roads were wet, the light was amber and I was riding within the law prior to my realisation that I would be at risk mid junction if I hadnt absolutely momentarily increased my speed.

6) As you can see from the image you provided, the traffic light is still on amber as I have already crossed the stop line, I was clearly committed to the junction despite knowing personally, and as your speed suggestion of 40 mph was not travelling at a ludicrous speed, would you suggest that I should not have mementarily increased my speed in order to lessen risk to myself.

7) In the event of similar circumstance to mine, would you considerm it necessary to cross double white lines in order to avoid a hazard.

8) If you did not consider it similar to momentarily crossing white lines then why not?

9) Do you believe a police officer would have issued myself with a speeding ticket had he witnessed exactly as I have explained.

10) Would you concede that the snapshot of time as taken by the speed camera has no opportunity to capture the whole truth/facts. As a consequence such evidence is unreliable or untrustworthy.

11) I would personally like to see many many more traffic police on the streets, would you not agree this to be true and that the human element of being able to see the whole picture would most likely result in much fairer judgement and that for this reason the cameras afe failing the publuc as theyve failed me and have actually proven to have no effect on the day to day driving standards as proved on our roads. The standard of driving on our roads are very much poorer than expected and that these automated systems very much fail to properly address wreckless driving?

12) Do you accept that the most vulnerable time for a motorcyclists and indeed the place where most fatal accidents occurr is at road junctions.

13) Do you therefore accept that on this occasion I had a very real, reasonable and justifiable cause for a temporary increase in speed? do you therefore accept that as mentioned in my points earlier, the speed camera is presupposed to use a snapshot

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Operation Hooper

I request copies of all files pertaining to the planning preparation and execution of "Operation Hooper" which took place on 2/7/2015 to include all Police Constables in attendance which includes collar numbers name and rank, private security contractors names and full company details of the private security company contracted to supply service.

I request a timeline or gant chart information as to how this operation evolved and why the Nottinghamshire force were involved in a civil matter.

I require the name of the most senior officer deployed on the ground and the chain of command in place during the execution of the operation.

I also require a full cost breakdown as to the costs to the public purse for the execution of this operation.

I require a timeline of deployment and execution.

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Special Constables

  1. How many Special Constables were registered with your Force as at 01.06.15 ?
  2. What was the attrition rate for your Special Constabulary for the last reported 12 months (please define if any left to join the regulars) ?
  3. What was the total number of hours worked by your Special Constables for the last reported 12 month period ?
  4. How many of your Special Constabulary currently have Independent Patrol Status (as defined by the Home Office)?
  5. Please list each different role description of your Special Constabulary officers and the Department that they work in?
  6. Please describe any plans to increase the number of Special Constables and/or roles to be undertaken in the future?

Can you please provide me with a reference number for this FOI request ?

If your PCC office does not hold this information can you please provide a negative response?

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Data on Gypsies and Irish Travellers

The Home Office requires police forces to record and report details regarding the self identified ethnicity of members of the public that forces come into contact with. With regards to this, does your force, in addition to its requirement under the 16+1 system of ethnic classification, collect data on Gypsies and Irish Travellers?

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OPCC Office and Staffing Costs

I should be grateful for any information you can let me have about the number of people in the office and the annual cost of running it.

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I hereby request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 information pertaining to any crimes being unattended, un-investigated by Mansfield Police Officers during the night of 05/03/2015 into 06/03/2015.

My reasoning is simple: The Officers attending that night could not be justified and any victims arising through them not being available has bearing on future practice.

Thank you for your compliance: I shall be sending the information to 'Justice' and a few others to ascertain whether it is in fact correct. My trust in our services is being depleted by the second!

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What reserves are Nottinghamshire police sitting on as accumulated please?

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Jason Bernard Zadrozny Correspondence

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, please provide me with copies of the following:

Copies of all correspondence and e-mails in 2015 regarding Jason, Bernard Zadrozny from Paddy Tipping, the Police and Crime Commissioner.

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Cost of the OPCC

  1. The full annual salary of the Police and Crime Commissioner of Nottinghamshire Police annually since being elected by year.
  2. The amount claimed in expenses by year by the Police and Crime Commissioner of Nottinghamshire Police, itemised.
  3. The full cost annually of the Police and Crime Commissioner of Nottinghamshire Police's Office, how many staff members does the office employ?
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Criminal Offence

Please can you tell me whether the PCC, or any employee of the PCC’s office, has been charged with any criminal offence since 1 January 2014, and if so:

  1. The name of the individual concerned.
  2. The date set for their first appearance in court.
  3. What they were charged with
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Please tell me how many Police Community Support Officers in your force area have been issued warrant cards and/or copies of PACE?

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Special Constables

Please inform me the current numbers of Special Constable's (SC’s) who are performing the minimum of 4 hours duty per week compared with the total number on the books.  Will you also let me know how many SC's annually are leaving the Force.

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PCC Foreign Trips

Regarding any foreign trips undertaken by the PCC for business purposes, please can you tell me:

  1. How many such trips the PCC has undertaken since being elected in 2012
  2. The countries visited
  3. For each country visited, a brief description of the purpose of the visit (e.g. to attend a conference)

A figure for the total amount claimed in expenses (e.g. airline tickets, accommodation, subsistence, other transport etc) for all foreign business trips undertaken since November 2012.

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This is quite a general inquiry regarding Victims Commissioning,

I am currently trying to collate information on all PCCs regarding undertaking Victim Commissioning, relating to the MOJ commissioning framework.

I have had a look at your website, and have examined as much info as I could find, however would you be able to provide me with some more specific information on 

  • Your current commissioning strategy/approach
  • Any pan-arrangements/partner organisations/ you have established pre-April 2015, or are looking to establish
  • any specific services already established/funding allocated
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Hate Crime Funding

I am currently undertaking some research into the area of homophobic hate crime. Could you please tell me a little bit about how much funds are being dedicated to the area of hate crime for Nottinghamshire?

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I have been looking at various frameworks/ contracts/ agreements on Tenders Electronic Daily and I was wondering if you could tell me the start and end dates  of the below frameworks/contracts. The TED reference is in brackets :-

Framework Agreement for the Provision of Building & Refurbishment Works.  (United Kingdom-Nottingham: Construction work 2014/S 134-239727)

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I am writing to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act for copies of correspondence (including letters, emails, faxes and similar) between the Police and Crime Commissioner's office and the Home Office in the last six months (from October 1, 2014 onwards) that make reference to concerns about police budget cuts.

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What is the cost of the refreshed Police and Crime Plan consultation exercise?  

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  1. What published references and guidelines can you supply and advise in determining the definition(s) and range of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) that constitute criminal offences and interpreted an enforceable for investigation by the Police, leading to prosecution?
  2. Which areas of ASB are Police able to interpret, respond, act upon for victims of ASBO and are there time limits?
  3. Does repetitive harassment, provocation, intimidation, loss of engagement/privacy causing misery from part of ASB or other forms of criminal offence?
  4. What part can the Police and Crime Commissioner engage in professional misconduct, biggity, reverse racism and failings in protecting and serving citizens in poor health with disabilities?
  5. Please provide a map and location of your offices.
  6. Please advise the procedure to seek appointments to register formal complaints with the PCC about Nottinghamshire Police.? 
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Discontinuation of car tax discs

I understand that there is a theoretical saving of a few million pounds from the discontinuation of car tax discs but balanced against this I would ask:-

How often are checks now carried out realising that any check involves the law enforcement officer using something like a PDA to contact DVLA for each vehicle which all takes time which would be better spent on other crime and disorder tasks. As a matter of interest how many checks have been made and how does this compare with  the dozens of visual checks that can be made by officers using the displayed tax disc as they walk the beat. Also of the checks made how many showed that tax had not been paid?

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May we ask specifically how many shed break-ins were recorded in your Force during the period of the latest National Crime Statistics



Number of Police Complaints Received by PCC

I should like to know, in each year since its introduction, how many complaints have been received by the NOPCC about the conduct, operational effectiveness, behaviour or performance or any other matter of itself or the Nottinghamshire Police.   How many have received a reply, how many are ongoing and how many have been referred upwards to the IPCC or other supervisory body. 

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Rights and Recovery Project

You cite on your website that the PCC secured funding from central government to deliver the Rights and Recovery project in relation to domestic abuse group work programmes, that ceases in March 2015.

Can the PCC please send me the link to where this group work was advertised by the PCC to openly bid for and deliver?  If the work was not openly tendered for can you please advise me as to why this was not openly tendered for and why and how WAIS were awarded the contract? 

Can the PCC please explain why the Rights and Recovery project was only advertised/commissioned in September if the funding from the MOJ was secured in July.

Can the PCC please explain how this group work will be monitored in terms of targets and KPI’s, given only very recently adverts were placed out by WAIS suggesting they needed to start the groups quickly, aiming to start in January, due to the funding commitments; therefore indicating that the groups had not yet started – so for three months the allocated £125,000 will be used to deliver this work.  Can the PCC please explain how this £125,000 has been utilised in a breakdown?  Could the PCC also explain what actions will be taken if the monitoring and performance do not meet the agreed KPI’s.

Given the PCC were awarded a total of £228,175 in total for this DSV work via the MOJ competed fund, can the PCC please explain where the outstanding amounts of £103,175  have been allocated to and how and when this was decided if no competitive process was applied.



Request for copies of all paperwork and documentation held by Nottinghamshire Police concerning you and your husband Mr XXXXXXXX.

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