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Broxtowe cop cars kitted out with brand new cameras

Mobile ANPR
Police cars in Broxtowe borough have been equipped with automatic number plate recognition cameras to help catch criminals.

The mobile devices are fitted to police patrol cars so that when they go out, they can automatically read the number plates of any passing cars and flash up on a display if they have any motoring offences, or intelligence markers about criminal activity linked to that car. They can also tell if a vehicle is untaxed or uninsured.

Police officers can then act immediately, making them more efficient and effective at catching suspects and keeping Nottinghamshire’s roads safe.

The installation of the devices has been delivered as part of the Safer Streets scheme, in partnership with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Nottinghamshire Police and Broxtowe Borough Council.

Mike Ebbins, Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Thanks to Safer Streets funding we have been able to improve the equipment in our patrol cars.

“This means is that our officers are able to work more efficiently when they are out on patrols as they now have wider coverage of automatic number plate recognition cameras to track those committing crime on our road network.”

Patrol cars without these cameras have to contact the control room to receive details of vehicles they are investigating.

PC Natalie Hodges, Beat Manager at Eastwood police station, said: “It means we’re not taking up precious time - you’re not constantly asking the control room for vehicle details because we can stop and check ourselves which is really cost effective as well as saving time.

“I personally get a lot out of it. I like being proactive.”

This latest initiative has been introduced as part of the Safer Streets scheme. Eastwood is one of a number of areas across Nottinghamshire to benefit from a share of £3 million of national funding to tackle neighbourhood crime and antisocial behaviour, as well as violence against women and girls.

Broxtowe Borough Council Chief Community Safety Officer Marice Hawley said: “Investment in the latest available technology will no doubt help the Police in the work they carry out in keeping the residents of Broxtowe safer.

“It is a privilege to work in partnership with the Police on larger projects such as this as well as on the day-to-day issues affecting our communities.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry said: “As part of the Make Notts Safe Police and Crime Plan I have committed to expanding automatic number plate recognition cameras to help tackle crime that causes greatest harm to communities.

“Along with the huge network of fixed cameras now on the roads across the city and county, having mobile cameras in patrol cars is another amazing way for Nottinghamshire Police to give the best possible service they can to the public.”

Posted on Monday 3rd April 2023
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