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Horizon Scanning 2017

Street Pastors The Nottinghamshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner continues to examine potential opportunities, threats and likely developments for crime, community safety and policing in Nottinghamshire through a systematic process known as ‘horizon scanning’. 

This involves reviewing information from a range of sources, including emerging legislation, government publications, audits and inspections, consultation opportunities and key statistics and research findings, in order to inform strategic planning and decision making locally.

We currently produce an Horizon Scanning E-Briefing every fortnight which aims to highlight current and emerging issues identified over the previous two weeks. The briefings for 2016 are listed on this page and the briefings for previous years can be accessed by clicking the links below:-

  • For the fortnightly e-Briefings from 2016 please click HERE
  • For Weekly e-Briefings from 2015 please click HERE
  • For Weekly e-Briefings from 2014 please click HERE 
  • For Weekly e-Briefings from 2013 please click HERE


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