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Financial Documents


You can download the following financial reports, including previous years:-

Budget Reports


 Precept Reports


 Medium Term Financial Plan/Financial Strategy


 Capital Programme


 Reserves Strategy

Capital Strategy

 Treasury Management Strategy


 Council Tax Leaflets
2022/2023 Council Tax Information Leaflet
2021/2022 Council Tax Information Leaflet
2020/2021 Council Tax Information Leaflet
2019/2020 Council Tax Information Leaflet
2018/2019 Council Tax Information Leaflet
2017/2018 Council Tax Information Leaflet
2016/2017 Council Tax Information Leaflet
2015/2016 Council Tax Information Leaflet
2014/2015 Council Tax Information Leaflet


 Annual Internal Audit Report


Salaries as at 2023
 Senior Officer Salaries per annum
Chief Constable £178,009
Police & Crime Commissioner £76,500
Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner The Commissioner has not appointed a Deputy
Chief Executive £86,630
Chief Finance Officer £85,500
Head of Commissioning £61,500


 Financial Regulations


 Charging Rates


 Late Night Levy

Night Time Levy - Activity Code 34387 - Programme of Spend

  • The spreadsheet has details of our expenditure over the last few years. This shows that over the preceding 6 year period, we have spent £288,464 of levy monies received from City. This expenditure was more significant in 2017-18 and last year 2021-22 where expenditure exceeded income. However, there have been some years, pre-dating the Commissioner’s tenure, in which the levy was either not spent at all or not spent fully. This resulted in a reserve of £212,119 being accrued and carried forward; this was the stimulus for the needs assessment report that was commissioned by us on making best use of the monies in our area.

     The annual income from the scheme for our Office/ Notts Police is circa £68-70k. In the last financial year, the funding was used to reduce crime and disorder and support community safety initiatives in local neighbourhood areas as well as in the City, and would be in future if the levy continued to be collected.


 Expenditure over £500 Rates