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Decision Record 2019

View the Commissioner's latest decisions

This page is where you can view the latest decisions made by Nottinghamshire's Police and Crime Commissioner.  The table below will be updated on a regular basis as decisions are made.

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Decision Records for 2019
of decision 

Summary of Decision - 2019

2019.070 Tim Wendels

Extension and alterations to Hucknall Ambulance Station - Capital Project 

The 2019/20 Capital Programme contains £637,000 for an extension and alterations to Hucknall Ambulance Station which will become the new Hucknall Police Station. Hucknall Fire Station is also moving to the building which will become a base for all three emergency services. 

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2019.069 Alexei Lambley-Steel

CN1002303 Custody Intervention Project

The PCC is requested to approve the award of the contract to deliver a Custody Intervention Project funded via Violence Reduction Unit (Home Office) funding.
The new contract will develop and implement an intervention programme in two Nottinghamshire Police custody suites diverting young adults age 18-25 who are not in education, employment or training away from crime with a particular emphasis on those furthest away from engaging with provision. The intervention will involve providing mentoring and coaching and high levels of support and contact with the client.

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2019.068 Dan Howitt

Slavery and Exploitation Team (SERAC)

There is an emerging pattern of slavery and exploitation in the City and more widely. An interim response has been introduced through a Slavery and Exploitation Risk Arrangements Conference, chaired by OS Austin Fuller and supported by the Council Modern Slavery Team.

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2019.067 Claire Good

Award of Social Media Violence Reduction Awareness Campajgn Contract

The PCC is requested to approve the award of the contract to deliver a Social Media Violence Reduction Awareness Campaign aimed at and coproduced with young people aged 15-25 years by 31 st March 2020. This work is being funded via Early Intervention Youth Funding as set out in the Notice of Decision ref 2019.045.

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2019.065 Alexei Lambley- Steel

FY19/20 Uplift, New Cohorts & Transferees Agile Devices

Government have announced a Grant of £514,150 for 2019/20 towards the uplift cost of recruiting an additional 107 police officers by 31st March 2021. Indicative in the award is funding towards this uplift in future years. This decision identifies how this grant income will be expended in securing the uplift numbers by 31st March 2020 including the procuring of Agile Devices and Accessories through the compliant HealthTrust Europe framework OJEU REF: 2019/S 203-493935. The Framework enables the force Direct Award and to raise a Purchase Order with the Supplier CDW Ltd. 

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2019.064 Natalie Baker Swift

Violence Reduction Unit - Custody Intervention Project

In order to contribute to the reduction in serious violence, the VRU are seeking individual(s) or organisation(s) who can develop and implement a successful intervention programme in two Nottinghamshire Police custody suites diverting young adults aged 18-25 (up to 30 with discretion based on need) who are not in education, employment or training, away from crime with a particular emphasis on those furthest away from engaging with provision. The intervention will involve providing mentoring and coaching and high levels of support and contact with the client. 


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2019.063 Natalie Baker Swift

Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) - udget forecast from November 2019-March 2020

This decision form outlines the VRU budget forecast from November 2019 -March 2020 and seeks approval of spend in line with conditions described in the VRU Home Office Grant Agreement.

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2019.062 Lisa Gilmour

Police Complaint Reforms

The Police and Crime Act 2017 details reforms to be implemented across the police complaints and discipline system. Simplification of the complaints system (Phase 3) regulations will be laid in early December and will come into force on 1 February 2020. 

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2019.061 Tracey Morris

 New Adult Sexual Assault Referral Centre

The 2019-24 Capital Programme which was presented and approved at the Police and Crime Panel meeting on 7th February 2019, approved a budget for the replacement adult SARC to the value of £1.0m in 2020-21 and £0.5m in 2021-22. 

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2019.060 Helen Kane

Night Time Levy

Details three further items of expenditure against the Night Time Levy monies in 2019-20 in support of the core aims of for Nottingham of a safer, healthier and more prosperous evening and night time economy. 

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2019.059 Nicola Wade

Uplift for Children's Independent Sexual Violence Adviser Service 2019-2020

As outlined in Notice of Decision ref 2018.050, the PCC agreed to award a contract to deliver a Children's ISVA service until 30 June 2020 to lmara, with an agreed price of £243,962 pa. This price paid for 2.5 FTE CHISVA posts. In May 2019 lmara formally approached the PCC with a business case for additional funding for the service, based on the higher than anticipated numbers of children and young people requiring support and the ending of some CHISVA specific charitable funding which lmara used to enhance the CHISVA contract. 

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2019.058 Nicola Wade

Award of contract to deliver criminal justice substance misuse support services in the county 2020-2028

As outlined in Notice of Decision ref 2019.030, the PCC agreed to co-commission an integrated substance misuse support service with Nottinghamshire County Council. The County Council as the lead commissioner published a tender in Dece-mber 2018, following a competitive dialogue process. The dialogue involved 5 bidders and was concluded in September 2018. As recommended to the County Council's Adult Social Care and Public Health Committee on 8 October, the winning bidder was Change Grow Live (CGL). 

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2019.057 Tim Wendels

Unit 4, Aerial Way, Hucknall

The above premises are leased to the PCC and used for training (principally driver training, officer safety training and first aid training). Until recently, the local Response Policing team were located at the premises, but have recently moved to co-locate with the Neighbourhood Policing team at Hucknall Police Station, prior to the move of the joint team to the Hucknall Ambulance Station site when building works are completed in early 2020. 

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2019.056 Philip Gilbert

Joint Police and Partnership Problem Solving Training

A decision to provide £16,800 to fund Problem Solving training for Police Officers, Police Staff and Partners in support of a recommendation arising out of the Neighbourhood Policing review to reinvigorate effective partnership working and support activity to reduce high severity crime in high harm localities. 

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2019.055 PS 2032 Merrall

Bike Register Funding

There has been a significant increase in reported cycle thefts in West Bridgford (Rushcliffe North.) As a result, a problem solving profile has been started in order to look at longer term solutions to solve the issue. One of the actions for this is to promote BIKEREGISTER as a means of security marking cycles in Rushcliffe. This is a company that is already endorsed by Notts Police on their website and the public are signposted to it to register their bikes and report lost and stolen bikes.

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2019.054 Nicola Wade

Additional support for adult survivors of non recent child sexual abuse affected by the publication of the Independent Inquiry in Child Sexual Abuse's Nottinghamshire report 

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) held a formal investigation in October 2018 into the abuse experienced by children in the care of Nottinghamshire Councils. IICSA's Nottinghamshire report was published in July 2019. Support services for adult survivors of non recent child sexual abuse have been in place for some time. However, survivors reported to the PCC and to local authorities that the publication of the report would be very distressing and additional support would likely be required. 

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2019.053 Nicola Wade

Extension of MoJ devolved rape support fund contracts October 2019 to March 2020

The Ministry of Justice agreed earlier in 2019 to devolve the Rape Support Fund to 5 PCCs, including Nottinghamshire. Previously the MoJ had funded Notts SVS Service and SHE UK to deliver counselling and other therapeutic support . 

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2019.052 Nicola Wade

Procurement of a sexual violence and abuse needs assessment and tender award

The PCC is asked to approve the funding, procurement and contract award for a sexual violence and abuse needs assessment. Following recent co-commissioning of sexual assault referral centres (SARCs) and independent sexual violence adviser (ISVA) services, the PCC has been working closely with clinical commissioning groups, local authorities and NHS England/NHS Improvement - Midlands ("NHSE/NHSI") to develop a joint commissioning approach for specialist voluntary sector sexual violence and abuse counselling and other therapeutic support. 

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2019.051 Claire Good 

Additional Commissioned Projects 2019-20

The PCC is asked to confirm his earlier verbal agreement to award funding to support the following initiatives:  

  1. Stephen Lawrence Bursary - Up to £1,7002
  2. Taken Too Soon event - £2,837

This is a total of up to £4,537 which shall be met from within the 2019/20 Commissioning budget.

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2019.050 Claire Good

Black Achievers Awards Event

Up to £15,000 funding contribution is being sought to support the Black Achievers Awards event in Nottingham. The Black Achievers Awards aims to bring together people from all walks of Nottingham to recognise and promote the achievements of our BME community. PCC and Police involvement in this event aligns to the commitment in the Police and Crime Plan to "invest in community led initiatives to facilitate positive relationships between the BME community and the police". 

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2019.049 Natalie Baker Swift

Violence Reduction Unit - Staffing and Infrastructure Costs

In order to set up the Nottinghamshire VRU costs are expected to be incurred in respect of staffing, accommodation and other related expenses. This decision form captures known costs to date and seeks the approval to authorise spend in line with the Home Office Grant Agreement.

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2019.047 Tim Wendels

West Bridgford Police Station Relocation and Sale

The existing West Bridgford Police Station is much larger than required and there are currently significant parts of the Station vacant. Vacant parts of the Station will continue to increase as further planned moves of teams to other Police buildings take place shortly.
It is proposed that local Policing teams should stay in the area by moving to the West Bridgford Fire Station, on Loughborough Road, where the Fire Service have offered to lease space to the Police that would accommodate the Neighbourhood, Response and CID teams after undertaking conversion works.

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2019.045 Claire Good

2019/20 Early Intervention Youth Funding

The Home Secretary has granted Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner £690,877 Early Intervention Youth Funding to provide support for early intervention programmes with young people at risk of criminal involvement, as victims and/or perpetrators.

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2019.044 Elly Grayston

Body Worn Video Replacement

Recommend approval for the award of contract for the supply of Body Worn Video replacements to be provided by Reveal Media Ltd for the period of contract 11th August 2019 to 11th August 2022 (3 years).

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2019.043 Dan Howitt

Youth Commission 2019/20

The PCC plans provide funding to Leaders Unlocked to deliver targeted engagement with young people and under-represented groups across Nottinghamshire throughout 2019/20. 20-25 young people aged 14 to 25 will be recruited and trained to join the Youth Commission. The Youth Commission will engage young people from diverse backgrounds including harder-to-reach groups such as ex-offenders. 

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2019.042 Dan Howitt

Contribution to the National Modern Slavery Helpline 2019/20

The PCC intends to make a one-off grant of £8,100 to the national Modern Slavery Helpline following a request for financial support from Unseen and the national PCC lead for Modern Slavery.

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2019.041 Kevin Dennis

Women's Safety Reference Group Support

Women's Safety and helping and supporting victims is one of the Police and Crime Commissioner's strategic priorities. Two years ago the Commissioner set up a Women's Safety Reference Group to provide him with strategic advice and support. The group meets four times per year and is supported by an advisor under contract of the Commissioner. The Commissioner has identified the need for the continuation of this role in 2019/20.

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2019.040 Kevin Dennis

Chief Constable's Contract Extension

Mr Guildford was appointed to the position of Chief Constable on 1st February 2017 on an initial four year contract. His current contract is due to expire at midnight on 31st January 2021.
The Police and Crime Commissioner has reviewed Mr Guildford's contract and has decided to offer him a further three years, plus a another one year and then 5 months to run consecutively. This will extend Mr Guildford's contract until July 2025.

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2019.039 Narinder Singh

Shared Data and Voice and Text - Contract Renewal

Mobile data is consumed in Force by Smartphones, Laptops, ANPR cameras, Artemis and MOT's in vehicles. In previous years, mobile data requirements have been met through a 50TB Super Bundle provided by the Mobile Data provider, procured in 2015 as a one off cost, This has now been consumed and a replacement agreement required. While providers still offer a pre-paid data bundle which is available for purchase, they have also been repositioning their commercial offerings around the provision of data services, providing more flexible options. Voice & text are covered under separate agreement.

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2019.038 Elly Grayston

Building Condition survey - Contractors

Nottinghamshire Police Sites - Condition surveys have been conducted and identified £10m of works required over the next 5 years. Allocated budget of £200k for year 18/19 and £300k for year 19/20. Commencement of works to start January 2019, consideration to appoint a contractor through a framework to enable quick route to market. 

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2019.036 Paula King

CN1001937 Nottinghamshire Police Driver Awareness Training Contract extension

Approval for contract extension.  AA Drivetech is contracted, to deliver Driver Awareness Training across Nottinghamshire. Clients are able to book courses up to 3 months in advance. The current agreement expires 13th September 2019. 

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2019.035 Dan Howitt

Serious Violence Risk factors - Advanced analytics

Nottingham COP seek £2,000 funding for Nottingham University to explore statistical models (using partner data) to better understand cohorts of young people that are at a greater risk of youth violence and/or criminal exploitation. This will involve an in-depth analysis of a large number of variables that have known links to youth violence. The work will be overseen by Analysis and Insight (NCC) in collaboration with Nottingham University. 

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2019.034 Dan Howitt

Strategic Review of Youth Diversion Services in Nottinghamshire 2019

Nottinghamshire PCC would like to commission a suitably experienced research consultant to undertake a review of Youth Diversion Services provided across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to inform future PCC commissioning intentions. The PCC is keen to develop a local understanding of need and demand for both universal and targeted youth diversion services and consolidate the evidence base on what works in the provision of these services. 

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2019.033 Paula King

CIN1001840 contract extension

CN1001840 expires 31.10.19 however the new Met framework is not available to forces until 01.02.20. We would like to extend the current contract to 29.02.20 (to allow for any delays). This will ensure that the current service provision remains unaffected.

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2019.032 Nicola Wade

Support for victims and survivors of non domestic stalking - pilot project July 2019 - December 2020

The PCC is requested to confirm his earlier approval to fund a pilot project to support victims of non domestic stalking.

Police forces in England were criticised by HMICFRS in 2017 for an insufficient response to stalking. As a result, Nottinghamshire Police has taken action to improve its response, including developing a stalking pathway and holding a monthly stalking clinic to manage perpetrators.

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2019.031 Tim Wendels

Sale of Former Police Houses, 1/2, Forest Road, Ollerton

Following a review of the Ollerton Police Station site, it was identified that the pair of semi-detached former Police Houses on the site, which were used principally for storage purposes, were surplus to requirements.

The annual running costs of the former Police Houses is estimated at approximately £4,000 per year, but the main benefit arising from the sale of the property will be the capital receipt.
The houses were marketed and a number of offers were received leading to "best and final offers" being invited. This led to a further increase in the level of offers and a sale being agreed to the highest bidder.

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2019.030 Nicola Wade

Co-commissioning the delivery of criminal justice substance misuse support services in the county 2020 - 2028

The County Council commissions a comprehensive substance misuse support service, which includes a specific criminal justice pathway. The PCC has made a contribution towards the criminal justice substance misuse pathway since 2015, as a co-commissioning arrangement led by the County Council and under an Inter Authority Agreement. In 2019-0 the PCC's contribution to the service is £303,732. The contract expires in March 2020.

In 2018 the PCC commissioned an independent review of criminal justice substance misuse support services, in order to inform future commissioning of support services. The review sought to evaluate the effectiveness of the different city and county models and identify and develop options for future service delivery models.

The review found that criminal justice substance misuse support services generally help to reduce re-offending the quality of provision, that provision in the county is good and that the service should be recommissioned.

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2019.029 Nicola Wade

Co-commissioning of criminal justice substance misuse support services in the city 2019-2023 including award of contract

The PCC awards a grant every year to Nottingham's Crime and Drugs Partnership. Part of the grant is a contribution to the city's Clean Slate criminal justice substance misuse support service, delivered by Framework. In 2018-9 the PCC's contribution to the Clean Slate service was

The Clean Slate contract expires in September 2019. The City Council, as the lead commissioner, recommended that a new service be commissioned and published a tender for a replacement service in January 2019.

The PCC is asked to confirm his verbal agreement to re co-commission the city's criminal justice substance misuse support service. This approach is in line with the recommendations of the PCC's 2018 independent review of substance misuse support services.

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2019.028 CC Guildford

Operation Scorpion

Right Honourable Nick Hurd MP has granted £1,540,000 to Nottinghamshire Police, subject to HM Treasury Consent, for the purpose of tackling knife crime. OPCC decision/approval required in respect of this additionality to Nottinghamshire Police's budget.

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2019.027 Claire Good

NBCS Membership for BIDs

Funding is being requested via the PCC to cover the cost of the annual 2019/20 NBCS membership for Nottingham, Mansfield and North Notts BIDs (Business Improvement Districts). This funding is being requested as a pilot year. If the pilot demonstrates success for the BIDs then they should be looking for a means to sustain this going forwards and not rely solely on the PCC to continue funding.

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2019.026 CC Guildford

Life Skills Education

Three years funding is being sought by the Life Skills Education Charity to create a new DARE primary programme dealing with drugs and alcohol and adding knife crime and hate crime to the risky behaviours covered. 

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2019.025 Nicola Wade

Re co-commissioning of county domestic abuse support

In 2015 the PCC agreed a co-commissioning approach with Nottinghamshire County Council, where the County Council would act as the lead commissioner for domestic and sexual violence and abuse support services in the city on behalf of the PCC and County Council. 

Following an extension allowed under the terms of the original tender, the contracts will finish on 31 March 2020. There is a need to ensure that future domestic support arrangements are in place from April 2020. 

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2019.024 Nicola Wade

Extension of domestic abuse support services in the county 2018-20

In 2015 the PCC agreed a co-commissioning approach with Nottinghamshire County Council, where the County Council would act as the lead commissioner for domestic and sexual violence and abuse support services in the city on behalf of the PCC and County Council.

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2019.023 Nicola Wade

Re co-commissioning of domestic abuse support services in the city 2019-2028

In 2015 the PCC agreed a co-commissioning approach with Nottingham City Council, where the City Council would act as the lead commissioner for domestic and sexual violence and abuse support services in the city on behalf of the PCC, City Council and Clinical Commissioning Group. This was done under the legal umbrella of a tripartite Partnership Agreement and governed by the DSVA Joint Commissioning Group ("JCG"), which is a sub group of the Crime and Drugs Partnership. A number of domestic abuse contracts were awarded under these arrangements, not all of which are funded by the PCC. The contracts ran for 3 years and expired in March 2019.

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2019.022 Nicola Wade

Development of and funding for sexual violence and CSA support services in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire in

The PCC has a responsibility to commission services for victims of crime, and to prioritise the victims of the most serious crime. Victims and survivors of sexual violence require a range of help to cope and recover from crime, including crisis support for recent sexual assault, informational, practical and emotional support and advocacy including through the criminal justice system (known as "ISVA" services) and counselling. 

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2019.021 Helen Kane

Tackling Youth and Long Term Unemployment Conference

Funding towards the Groundwork Tackling Youth and Long Term Unemployment Conference to be held on 24.05.19 at the East Midlands Conference Centre. 

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2019.020 Helen Kane

Community Solutions Conference

Funding towards the Community Solutions Conference to be held on 21.06.19 at the Nottingham Ice Arena. 

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2019.019 Helen Kane

Best Bar None

Funding in 2019/20 to support the Nottinghamshire Best Bar None scheme

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2019.018 Helen Kane

Night Time Levy

Details two items of expenditure against the Night Time Levy monies in 2019-20 in support of the core aims of for Nottingham of a safer, healthier and more prosperous evening and night time economy. 

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2019.017 Supt Paul Winter

Refurbishment and Conversion of the Northern Control Room (Mansfield) into three IT Training Rooms with alternative use as back-up Force Control Room

In January 2019, Nottinghamshire Police submitted a Business Case to develop the Sherwood Lodge HQ site to be a new shared HQ with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service and to include the Force Training School Provision.  The anticipated capital spend associated with this project of £18,500,000 has been approved by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and design work has commenced.

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2016.019 Amanda Harlow

Write of debts 2018-19

The debts outstanding on the debtor ledger have been reviewed and the attached debts totalling £455.43 plus VAT are recommended for write off.

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2019.015 Alec George

Cisco Telephony Licenses

To recommend the approval for the award for the supply of 3601 Cisco Telephony Licenses to be provided by CAE Technology Services for the period of 3 years. The license under this contract are being procured though a compliant EU framework (NHS IT Enterprise Solutions Framework) that allows access to UK police forces 

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2019.014 Lucy Westley

ECINS 2019

The ECINS system has been provided to Nottinghamshire Police by Empowering Communities since 2015. The current contract ends on 31st March 2019 with no extension option. This new contract will cover the period from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2021. The award is being made to Empowering Communities via the G Cloud 10 framework which is a compliant route to market. 

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2019.013 David Machin

2019/20 Charging Rates for Police Services

This is the annual review of the Charging Rates for Police Services for Nottinghamshire Police which will be used during the financial year 2019/20 to recover costs for activities undertaken for third parties.

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2019.012 Rachel Buck

BCS Contractors

Following the Building Condition Surveys, refurbishments are required at several sites across Nottinghamshire. One of these being Radford Road Police Station. The requirements include redecorating, flooring, tiling and replacement of windows, doors and fixtures and fittings. The reason for Radford Road being progressed prior to the other sites is due to a vacant floor in April and May which will allow the works to be complete without disruption to the working police station.

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2019.011 Claire Good

Community Safety Grant 2019-20

The PCC is requested to confirm his verbal agreement to use the 2019-20 Community Safety Grant to make awards to the following:-

  1. Nottinghamshire Crime and Drugs Partnership (CDP)
  2. Safer Nottinghamshire Board (SNB)
  3. Small grants to 20 third sector organisation
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2019.010 Narinder Singh

Services relating to the purchase of Netmotion Licences in Nottinghamshire

To recommend approval for the award of contract to procure Netmotion licences. The Netmotion solution monitors, alerts and takes proactive actions using real time data and mobile analytics to improve the performance, visibility, security and experience of mobile users. A total of 3000 licences will be procured for Nottinghamshire Police.

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2019.009 Narinder Singh

Services relating to Appropriate Adult Services in Nottinghamshire

The approval of a contract to provide an Appropriate Adult service for vulnerable adult suspects, by attending police custody suites and other sites in support of vulnerable adult suspects in custody. This includes people with mental health issues, learning difficulties, problems with substance misuse, reading and writing difficulties. The role of the Appropriate Adult is to ensure that detainee's rights and entitlements are upheld and to facilitate communication.

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2019.008 Tim Wendels

Integrated Offender Management (IOM) Relocation

The Police City IOM team currently share accommodation with DNLR CRC, Nottinghamshire City Youth Justice and National Probation service. The requirement to move has resulted from the rent being increased on Castlegate House for the financial year 2019/2020. A review of the financial contribution of each partner has been made, resulting in proposals to make the contributions equitable/pro-rata between each agency, rendering the property no longer within budget for the partnership. In addition, the building is larger than required and no longer meets the partnership needs.

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2019.007 Charlotte Radford

Precept and Budget 2019-20

The Police and Crime Panel met on the ih February to consider the proposed precept for 2019-20. To support them in this they were provided with budget reports and financial strategies that provided detail on how the precept and government grant would be utilised in 2019-20.

The precept increase proposed was approved by the panel.  The relevant papers can be found here (as not attached to the downloadable decision).

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2019.004 Claire Good

Consultancy Support for Misogyny Scheme

Nottinghamshire Police was the first force in the country to adopt misogyny as a hate crime. Funding is requested to provide consultancy support from Star Fish consulting to enable the national adoption of the Nottinghamshire model.

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2019.003 Rachel Buck

DIU Storage Expansion Chunks

DIU requires the storage expansions to allow them to continue investigations as they cannot perform their business function when storage reaches its full capacity. The order is for 2 chunks of storage per location per annum, priced at £53,519.12 per chunk. This equates to £214,076.52 per annum, for the four year duration totalling £856,306.08 after discount.

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2019.002 Amanda Harlow

Financing of Capital Expenditure - Qtr 3

Based on capital spend to date and forecast out-turn, the attached shows the method of financing currently being proposed.

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2019.001 Claire Good 

Award of Victim CARE Website Contract

The PCC is requested to approve the award of the contract to develop and host a Nottinghamshire Victim CARE website to support and promote the help available for victims and survivors of crime in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. The decision to procure this service was set out in the Notices of Decision ref 2018.065 and 2018.092. 

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