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Decision Record 2019

View the Commissioner's latest decisions

This page is where you can view the latest decisions made by Nottinghamshire's Police and Crime Commissioner.  The table below will be updated on a regular basis as decisions are made.

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Decision Records for 2019
of decision 

Summary of Decision - 2019

2019.027 Claire Good

NBCS Membership for BIDs

Funding is being requested via the PCC to cover the cost of the annual 2019/20 NBCS membership for Nottingham, Mansfield and North Notts BIDs (Business Improvement Districts). This funding is being requested as a pilot year. If the pilot demonstrates success for the BIDs then they should be looking for a means to sustain this going forwards and not rely solely on the PCC to continue funding.

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2019.026 CC Guildford

Life Skills Education

Three years funding is being sought by the Life Skills Education Charity to create a new DARE primary programme dealing with drugs and alcohol and adding knife crime and hate crime to the risky behaviours covered. 

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2019.025 Nicola Wade

Re co-commissioning of county domestic abuse support

In 2015 the PCC agreed a co-commissioning approach with Nottinghamshire County Council, where the County Council would act as the lead commissioner for domestic and sexual violence and abuse support services in the city on behalf of the PCC and County Council. 

Following an extension allowed under the terms of the original tender, the contracts will finish on 31 March 2020. There is a need to ensure that future domestic support arrangements are in place from April 2020. 

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2019.024 Nicola Wade

Extension of domestic abuse support services in the county 2018-20

In 2015 the PCC agreed a co-commissioning approach with Nottinghamshire County Council, where the County Council would act as the lead commissioner for domestic and sexual violence and abuse support services in the city on behalf of the PCC and County Council.

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2019.023 Nicola Wade

Re co-commissioning of domestic abuse support services in the city 2019-2028

In 2015 the PCC agreed a co-commissioning approach with Nottingham City Council, where the City Council would act as the lead commissioner for domestic and sexual violence and abuse support services in the city on behalf of the PCC, City Council and Clinical Commissioning Group. This was done under the legal umbrella of a tripartite Partnership Agreement and governed by the DSVA Joint Commissioning Group ("JCG"), which is a sub group of the Crime and Drugs Partnership. A number of domestic abuse contracts were awarded under these arrangements, not all of which are funded by the PCC. The contracts ran for 3 years and expired in March 2019.

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2019.022 Nicola Wade

Development of and funding for sexual violence and CSA support services in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire in

The PCC has a responsibility to commission services for victims of crime, and to prioritise the victims of the most serious crime. Victims and survivors of sexual violence require a range of help to cope and recover from crime, including crisis support for recent sexual assault, informational, practical and emotional support and advocacy including through the criminal justice system (known as "ISVA" services) and counselling. 

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2019.021 Helen Kane

Tackling Youth and Long Term Unemployment Conference

Funding towards the Groundwork Tackling Youth and Long Term Unemployment Conference to be held on 24.05.19 at the East Midlands Conference Centre. 

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2019.020 Helen Kane

Community Solutions Conference

Funding towards the Community Solutions Conference to be held on 21.06.19 at the Nottingham Ice Arena. 

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2019.019 Helen Kane

Best Bar None

Funding in 2019/20 to support the Nottinghamshire Best Bar None scheme

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2019.018 Helen Kane

Night Time Levy

Details two items of expenditure against the Night Time Levy monies in 2019-20 in support of the core aims of for Nottingham of a safer, healthier and more prosperous evening and night time economy. 

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2019.017 Supt Paul Winter

Refurbishment and Conversion of the Northern Control Room (Mansfield) into three IT Training Rooms with alternative use as back-up Force Control Room

In January 2019, Nottinghamshire Police submitted a Business Case to develop the Sherwood Lodge HQ site to be a new shared HQ with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service and to include the Force Training School Provision.  The anticipated capital spend associated with this project of £18,500,000 has been approved by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and design work has commenced.

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2016.019 Amanda Harlow

Write of debts 2018-19

The debts outstanding on the debtor ledger have been reviewed and the attached debts totalling £455.43 plus VAT are recommended for write off.

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2019.015 Alec George

Cisco Telephony Licenses

To recommend the approval for the award for the supply of 3601 Cisco Telephony Licenses to be provided by CAE Technology Services for the period of 3 years. The license under this contract are being procured though a compliant EU framework (NHS IT Enterprise Solutions Framework) that allows access to UK police forces 

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2019.014 Lucy Westley

ECINS 2019

The ECINS system has been provided to Nottinghamshire Police by Empowering Communities since 2015. The current contract ends on 31st March 2019 with no extension option. This new contract will cover the period from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2021. The award is being made to Empowering Communities via the G Cloud 10 framework which is a compliant route to market. 

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2019.013 David Machin

2019/20 Charging Rates for Police Services

This is the annual review of the Charging Rates for Police Services for Nottinghamshire Police which will be used during the financial year 2019/20 to recover costs for activities undertaken for third parties.

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2019.012 Rachel Buck

BCS Contractors

Following the Building Condition Surveys, refurbishments are required at several sites across Nottinghamshire. One of these being Radford Road Police Station. The requirements include redecorating, flooring, tiling and replacement of windows, doors and fixtures and fittings. The reason for Radford Road being progressed prior to the other sites is due to a vacant floor in April and May which will allow the works to be complete without disruption to the working police station.

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2019.011 Claire Good

Community Safety Grant 2019-20

The PCC is requested to confirm his verbal agreement to use the 2019-20 Community Safety Grant to make awards to the following:-

  1. Nottinghamshire Crime and Drugs Partnership (CDP)
  2. Safer Nottinghamshire Board (SNB)
  3. Small grants to 20 third sector organisation
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2019.010 Narinder Singh

Services relating to the purchase of Netmotion Licences in Nottinghamshire

To recommend approval for the award of contract to procure Netmotion licences. The Netmotion solution monitors, alerts and takes proactive actions using real time data and mobile analytics to improve the performance, visibility, security and experience of mobile users. A total of 3000 licences will be procured for Nottinghamshire Police.

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2019.009 Narinder Singh

Services relating to Appropriate Adult Services in Nottinghamshire

The approval of a contract to provide an Appropriate Adult service for vulnerable adult suspects, by attending police custody suites and other sites in support of vulnerable adult suspects in custody. This includes people with mental health issues, learning difficulties, problems with substance misuse, reading and writing difficulties. The role of the Appropriate Adult is to ensure that detainee's rights and entitlements are upheld and to facilitate communication.

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2019.008 Tim Wendels

Integrated Offender Management (IOM) Relocation

The Police City IOM team currently share accommodation with DNLR CRC, Nottinghamshire City Youth Justice and National Probation service. The requirement to move has resulted from the rent being increased on Castlegate House for the financial year 2019/2020. A review of the financial contribution of each partner has been made, resulting in proposals to make the contributions equitable/pro-rata between each agency, rendering the property no longer within budget for the partnership. In addition, the building is larger than required and no longer meets the partnership needs.

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2019.007 Charlotte Radford

Precept and Budget 2019-20

The Police and Crime Panel met on the ih February to consider the proposed precept for 2019-20. To support them in this they were provided with budget reports and financial strategies that provided detail on how the precept and government grant would be utilised in 2019-20.

The precept increase proposed was approved by the panel.  The relevant papers can be found here (as not attached to the downloadable decision).

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2019.004 Claire Good

Consultancy Support for Misogyny Scheme

Nottinghamshire Police was the first force in the country to adopt misogyny as a hate crime. Funding is requested to provide consultancy support from Star Fish consulting to enable the national adoption of the Nottinghamshire model.

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2019.003 Rachel Buck

DIU Storage Expansion Chunks

DIU requires the storage expansions to allow them to continue investigations as they cannot perform their business function when storage reaches its full capacity. The order is for 2 chunks of storage per location per annum, priced at £53,519.12 per chunk. This equates to £214,076.52 per annum, for the four year duration totalling £856,306.08 after discount.

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2019.002 Amanda Harlow

Financing of Capital Expenditure - Qtr 3

Based on capital spend to date and forecast out-turn, the attached shows the method of financing currently being proposed.

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2019.001 Claire Good 

Award of Victim CARE Website Contract

The PCC is requested to approve the award of the contract to develop and host a Nottinghamshire Victim CARE website to support and promote the help available for victims and survivors of crime in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. The decision to procure this service was set out in the Notices of Decision ref 2018.065 and 2018.092. 

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