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Decision Record 2015

View the Commissioner's latest decisions

This page is where you can view the decisions made by Nottinghamshire's Police and Crime Commissioner during 2015.  The table below will be updated on a regular basis as decisions are made.

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Decision Records for 2015
of decision 

Summary of Decision - 2015 

2015.068 Charlotte Radford

Period 8 Capital Monitoring and Forecast Report 2015-2016 Estimated Capital Programme Refresh 2016-17 – 2017-2018

That the period 8 forecast is approved and that the variations to the programme are approved.

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2015.067 Amanda Harlow

Capital Programme virement request period 8 2015-16

For the commissioner to approve the virements requested.

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2015.066 Charlotte Radford

Mid-Year Treasury Management Report 2015-16

The Commissioner is requested to:

  • Note the mid-year position in relation to the approved Treasury Management Strategy
  • To approve thechange to the MRP calculation including the change to the revenue budget for 2015-16 and the transfer into reserves the resultant benefit from the MRP calculation in relation to previous years.
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2015.065 Charlotte Radford

Capital Monitoring Report Quarter 2 for 2015-16

The Commissioner is requested to:

  • Approve the reduced capital programme and variations identified for 2015-16 being £16.172m less £3m potential slippage identified.
  • Note the actual expenditure as at the end of September being £3.722m
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2015.064 Paul Whitehall

Recommendation for award of contract - laundry services

The purpose of this report is to recommend approval for the award of a Framework Agreement for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Police Forces, to Berensden UK Limited, for the future Provision of Laundry Services. The Framework Agreement will be for the period of 4 years, effective from 4 January 2016 and Nottinghamshire Police represent the lead force. 

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2015.062 Paul Whitehall/
Stephen Handley

Agile Working Project – Mobile Network & Devices Call-Off Contract

To approve the award to EE

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2015.060 Kevin Dennis

Independent Review of CommunitySafety Funding

Following an open procurement process Grant Thornton has been appointed to undertake a review of community funding across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

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2015.059 Tim Wendels

Shared Service Hub in Kirkby-in-Ashfield

A proposal for a shared service hub and community safety partnership , along with Ashfield District Councilin their main building on Urban Road, Kirkby in Ashfield. 

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2015.058 DCS Helen Jebb

Application for use of Police Property Act Funds - Operation Mercury

Approval for £108,000 of the funds held within the Police Property Act Fund Reserve to be used in line with the Police Property Act legislation to fund Operation Mercury

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2015.056 Nicola Wade

Award of tender to provide consultancy support to review victims services

To award Baker Tilley the contract 

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2015.055 Paul Winter

Response Policing Business Case Addendum - Ranby, Bassetlaw

To seek agreement to release funding.

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2015.054 Paul Whitehall

Provision of Mobile Data management (MDM) Solution to Enable Agile Working within the East Midlands region of Police Forces

Approve and award a contract for the MDM element of the wider Agile Working Project, to Vodafone Limited.

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2015.053 Nicola Wade

Procurement of consultancy support to review victims services

To approve the procurement of consultancy support to review victim services with EMSCU’s support

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2015.052 Paul Whitehall

Award of Framework for Body Work Video Devices and Associated Products, services and solutions – amended notice

That the award of Lot 5 specifically be made to Reveal Media. That various tenderers be allocated to the other 4 remaining Lots

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2015.050 Nicola Wade

Commissioning intentions for sexual abuse support services 2015-19

To approve recommendations 1-4

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2015.049 Nicola Wade

Sexual Violence support services 2016-9 Commissioning budget city county budget split

To approve Option no 2, subject to an equalities impact assessment

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2015.048 Stephen Handley

Agile Working Business Case/Middleware Contract Award

Approve the project spend as detailed in the business case and approve the award of contract to HCL for the provision of a middleware solution

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2015.047 Kathryn Markham/
Paul Whitehall

East Midlands Shared Infrastructure Project

  1. agreement to enter into a contract for the supply of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) using the CCS G Cloud 6 Framework Agreement via the chosen supplier, Skyscape, to carry out a proof of concept to support the agreed strategic direction
  2. agreement to proceed with two phases of proof of concept work, each supported by a Call-Off Agreement with the appointed supplier Skyscape
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2015.046 Nicola Wade

County Domestic Violence and Abuse Tender: award of tender

To agree to Nottinghamshire County Council’s recommendation for it to contract with WAIS and Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid to deliver domestic abuse support services in the south and north of the county respectively for the period 1 October 2015 to 30 September 2018.

To provide c£469,496 per annum for the contracts, to be paid for by Ministry of Justice Victims’ Services Grant.  The funding is subject to annual confirmation of the PCC’s budget from Government and will be managed by Nottinghamshire County Council under the terms of the Inter Authority Agreement.

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2015.045 Nicola Wade

Procurement Strategy and action plan for commissioning of domestic abuse support services 2015-9

To approve recommendations1-7

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2015.044 Charlotte Radford

Standing Orders for Grants

The Financial Regulations do not provide detail on how we administer the grant scheme and the governance arrangements in place. The attached Standing Orders for Grants fulfil this requirement.

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2015.043 Karen Sleigh

YouGov Survey

Decision to conduct a survey for the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner on increasing the current police and crime element of the precept from 1.98%, which is a Band D precept annual increase of £3.42 to 10%, which is a Band D precept annual increase of £17.64. The sample size for the survey was 1,000 respondents, which would take a week, being demographically and politically representative of Nottinghamshire as a whole. The focus being on a bespoke sample at a cost of £9,000 (excluding VAT).

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2015.041 Supt Ian Howick

Nottinghamshire Police Dog Kennels

To continue with the dog kennel project within allocated budget.

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2015.039 T/DS Nicola Uncles 
Phil Ellis

Business Case for the Refurbishment of the Southern Public Protection Hub (to accommodate Public Protection)

Authorisation for the use of capital to refurbish the Southern Public Protection Hub to accommodate the move of Public Protection to a two hubs model.

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2015.038 Helen Kane

InPhase Hosting Arrangements

To move hosting of Inphase system to NTT Europe Online (on behalf of Inphase)

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2015.036 Helen Kane

International Student Safety Project

To approve a budget of £4,200 for the OPCC contribution to this project and to waiver contract standing orders for this procurement.

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2015.035 Paul Whitehall

Provision of Stop and Search Diversity Training

It is recommended that an award of contract be made to Noble Khan Limited for the provision of this particular training to Nottinghamshire Police.

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2015.034 Tim Wendels

Response Policing Business Case Addendum - Watnall Road, Hucknall

  1. That approval is given for the Estates Team to undertake the works as described to deliver a response hub at the Driver Training School at Watnall Road, Hucknall and associated capital funds be made available as set out above.
  2. That Approval is given for the Estates Team to negotiate a lease with the Ministry of Justice for the accommodation opposite HMP Ranby to form the Bassetlaw Response hub in line with the plans provided and funding is made available in line with provisional capital and revenue budgets identified above.

That Approval is given for the Estates Team to re-negotiate terms with Bassetlaw District Council for a reduced footprint at Retford and Worksop as described in the attached Report.

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2015.033 Tim Wendels

Closure of Holmes House (Mansfield Police Station Open Plan)

To approve the proposals to:-

a)    create open plan office areas in Mansfield Police Station.

b)    Relocate staff and officers from Holmes House to
       Mansfield Police Station and FHQ.

c)    Sell Holmes House.

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2015.032 Tim Wendels

West Bridgford Police Station - 1st Floor Refurbishment

To proceed with the capital programme scheme to refurbish the first floor accommodation at West Bridgford Police Station.

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2015.031 Charlotte Radford

Capital Outturn Report 2014/15

An earlier version of this report was included on the Strategic Resources and Performance meeting of 20th May 2015. This report (attached) provides the final adjusted out-turn figures for the 2014-15 Capital Programme.

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2015.029 David Heason

Capital Carry Forward from 2014/15 to 2015/16 - Broxtowe Police Station Refurbishment

The 2014/15 capital programme included a sum of £239,000 for the refurbishment of Broxtowe Police Station. The scheme was delayed due to the reasons set out below and it is therefore necessary to obtain formal approval to carry forward the capital to the 2015/16 capital programme. 

This project will provide officers and staff with an improved working environment. The work will include modifications to the layout to meet the needs of local policing; there will be new flooring, decoration, refurbished toilets and showers, energy efficient lighting, power and data sockets and some comfort cooling in the parade room.

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2015.028 Chief Superintendent Haward

East Midlands Operational Support Service

  • the Business Case and amendments post consultation for EMOpSS are approved and taken forward to implementation;
  • the Section 22 agreement is approved and signed by the PCC to formalise this collaboration;
  • a full review of the Section 22 agreement will take place within 6 months
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2015.027 Philip Gilbert

Nottinghamshire County Business Crime Partnership (BCP) - £10K Continued Funding (2015-16)

This funding assists the on-going work of Nottinghamshire County Business Crime Partnership covering the seven districts (and the three Community Safety Partnerships (CSP) areas) to tackle business crime including shoplifting which increased significantly in 2013-14 and continues to pose a key risk to the Commissioner’s priority to reduce crime. 

The £10k will provide continued part funding for a manager (working with Mansfield BID) over a twelve month period to continue with the new Partnerships Against Crime in Nottinghamshire. (PABCIN)

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2015.026 John Posaner

Regional IT Transformation Programme Resourcing

Implement the proposed restructuring of the Regional IT Transformation Programme resources.

Approval for the budget stated to enable and initiate the team, to maximise return on investment and provide stability for the function.

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2015.024 ACC Torr

Migration of EMRN Services onto PSN Bearers

An opportunity has arisen across the East Midlands Region within the PSN project to consolidate high cost network infrastructure currently provided at a revenue cost of c£400,000 per annum across the region.  The proposal is to consolidate the East Midlands Regional Network (EMRN) onto the new PSN infrastructure and make a saving of c£200,000 per annum. The proposal has been developed in conjunction with the Heads of IT and supported by all 5 force command teams.

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2015.023 Paul Whitehall

Fit-out and Associated Works - EMSOU 2 Building

The purchase of the EMSOU 2 Building was supported by all regional PCCs and the purchase was completed on the 24th December 2014.The building is currently unoccupied and requires various fit-out works to enable it to be used.

At the request of the EMSOU Management Board, oversight for the procurement of the works and the design layout was provided by the regional Commercial Unit EMSCU and the Nottinghamshire Police Estates Department.

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2015.021 CC Eyre

Policing Business Services (PBS)

To continue to support the PBS as outlined.

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2015.020 Tim Wendels

Lease Of Byron House, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham

It is proposed that Central Police Station and Canning Circus Police Station be replaced with Byron House, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham. Byron House will be the new base for the Aurora II partnership between Nottinghamshire Police and Nottingham City Council Community Protection. The building is owned by Nottingham City Council and the Police will take a 25 year lease of space within the building.

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2015.019 Paul Whitehall

Procurement of Internal Audit Services

NOPCC is looking to establish a single supplier Framework Agreement solely for the Offices of the PCCs and Chief Constables representing the East Midlands Region of Derbys, Leics, Northants and Notts.  Individual Call-Off Contracts by means of Direct Award will then be entered into by each of the Office of the PCCs and Chief Constables jointly, against the requirements and terms set out in the Framework Agreement.

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2015.017 Nicola Wade

Community Safety Budget 2015-6:  Commissioning Intentions

To agree to award £3,038,525 in total of Community Safety Grant and £92,441 of MoJ Victims Services Grant

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2015.016 Nicola Wade

Domestic Violence Helpline

Following internal and external discussions, it was agreed early in 2014 that the PCC fund the Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Helpline with a grant of £38,415 during 2014-5.  The grant will be awarded to WAIS with funding from Ministry of Justice’s Victims’ Services Grant.

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2015.015 CC Eyre

Atlas Upgrade

Authority is sought to spend £137,500 (excluding VAT) from the equipment reserve in East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) to keep the ATLAS platform operating effectiveley (upgrade to keep up with developments in mobile telephony)

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2015.014 Nicola Wade

Additional Small Grant Funding 2014-15 for FGM Conference and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) research

As previously agreed by the Commissioner, Mojatu held a FGM conference on 12 February, funded by the Commissioner.  The conference brought together individuals from practicing communities, FGM survivors, Nottinghamshire Police, Nottingham City Council and the NHS. It discussed how to tackle FGM and how best to support survivors.  A report from the event will be produced to help inform future FGM work.

The cost of the FGM conference and report is £2,116. 

Ann Craft Trust – additional cost for CSE research project

In April 2014 the Commissioner agreed £22,080 funding from the 2014-5 Community Safety Fund for Ann Craft Trust to conduct a survey and an education programme about CSE and learning disabilities.  On request of Nottinghamshire Police CSE the project was expanded to include all children.  The additional time required to deliver the project meant that the Ann Craft Trust has incurred an additional cost of £2,700. 

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2015.013 Nicola Wade

Domestice abuse support services 2015-8 commissioning budget city county budget split

Currently the commissioning of DV services in the city and county is fragmented, with disparate services funded through grants and contracts with the city and county councils and PCC.  The PCC funded projects are funded through direct grants as well as grants given via the Crime and Drugs Partnership and Safer Nottinghamshire Board.  All the PCC funded projects are based on historical grant arrangements.

The PCC is working with the city and county councils to co-commission holistic integrated DV services from October 2015 (county) and January 2016 (city).  The 2015-6 DV commissioning budget has been agreed.  There is a need now to agree the split between city and county.  

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2015.012 Nicola Wade

Nottinghamshire Integrated Victim Support Services

The Commissioner receives a grant from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to commission local victim support services.  In September 2014 the Commissioner authorised a tender process to set up a new Nottinghamshire Integrated Victim Support Service for Nottinghamshire.  Following an open EU tender process and evaluation it is recommended that Victim Support be part-awarded the contract from 1 April to 31 December 2015.  

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2015.011 Karen Sleigh

Victims of Crime and Safer Communities - a partnership approach for joint case management

The Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan sets out his ambition to deliver safer communities, reduce crime and protect victims.  Effective information sharing and multi-agency working is key to achieving this ambition.  Since October 2014, the Commissioner (as an early adopter) has had responsibility for the provision of victims’ services.  This provides an opportunity to improve the support to victims through effective local multi-agency working and case management.  An effective IT case management system will prepare partner agencies, including locally commissioned victim support services, to work together effectively across Nottinghamshire to understand each other's involvement in supporting and knowledge about victims of crime.  This will ensure that all services supporting victims are better able to work together to protect vulnerable victims and enable them to cope and recover from crime.

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2015.010 ACC Torr

Migration of EMRN Services onto PSN Bearers

Approve the capital spend for implementation of PSN Bearers. Implement a project, under the leadership of ACC Torr within the IT Transformation Programme, to migrate services off the EMRN onto the PSN to achieve revenue savings across the region

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2015.009 Caroline Murphy

Capital Funding Request for Live Links and Virtual Courts

Capital funding of £27,500 is approved in order to match fund the Innovation Fund supported regional Live Links and Virtual Courts solution.

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2015.008 David Heason

Capital Funding Request for Custody Improvements

To approve an extra £99,000 of capital expenditure for Custody Improvements Project B086

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2015.007 DCI Andrew Gowan

Bassetlaw/Broxtowe ANPR Decision

A request for £50K of capital funding for the provision of ANPR cameras on the County, £25K in 2015/156 and £25K 2016/2017.  This is part of a wider partnership funding totalling £250K, the remainder having been pledged by the Community Safety Committee and Camera Safety Partnership.  Phase 1 of this initiative (Ashfield South) is completed.  This funding is for Phase 2 which is an ANPR ‘shield’ for Bassetlaw and phase 3 for Broxtowe to be implemented over 2015-2016.  This is designed to be an overt prevention and proactive tool to target travelling criminals of dwelling burglary and other criminal road users.  This is not an income generator nor speed initiative.

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2015.006 Kevin Dennis

Integrated Restorative Justice for Nottinghamshire

The Commissioner receives a grant from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to commission Restorative Justice Services. In November 2014 the Commissioner authorised a tender process to set up a new Integrated Resotrative Justice Service for Nottinghamshire. Following an open EU tender process and evaluation it is recommended the 'Remedi' be awarded the contract from 18th February 2015 to 31st March 2016.

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2015.005 Charlotte Radford

Precept, Budget, MTFP, Reserves Strategy 4 Year Capital Programme and Treasurey Management Reports 2015-2016

The reports have been approved in principle by the Commissioner ahead of the Police & Crime Panel meeting on 2nd February 2015.

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2015.004 Paul Whitehall

Award of Framework for Body Worn Video Devices & Associated Products, Services & Solutions

The purpose of this report is to recommend approval for entering into a Framework for the provision of Body Worn Video Devices and Associated Products, Services and Solutions, to a number of suppliers for a period of 4 years, effective from 4 February 2015 to 3 February 2019.

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2015.002  Chief Inspector Shaun Ostle

Business Case sign off request for PCC

To agree business case in order that the project can proceed with setting up the procurement framework and procurement of BWV solution. This signature will authorise the budget as agreed in the business case.   

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 2015.001  Rob Atkinson

Extension of Notts Healthcare Contract

To extend the original contract for a further 12 months from 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016.

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