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Decision Record 2024

View the Commissioner's latest decisions

This page is where you can view the latest decisions made by Nottinghamshire's Police and Crime Commissioner.  The table below will be updated on a regular basis as decisions are made.

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Decision Records for 2024
of decision 

Summary of Decision - 2024



Dan Golds Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement & other Software Services View Decision


Christian Blakemore Provision of Non-Police Vehicle Disposal View Decision


Andy Househam AI Child Exploitation Software View Decision


George Watkin Windscreen Replacement View Decision


Steve Cooper Approval for Temporary Police Officer Deployment Outside the United Kingdom and Associated Resource View Decision


Dan Golds Uninterruptable Power Supply Replacement View Decision


Christian Blakemore Provision of Replacement General Purpose Vehicles View Decision
2024.056 Sumaya Bihi Another Way: Mental Health Support Contract View Decision2024.056 DR Another way Mental Health Support_Redacted
2024.055 George Watkin Body worn Video Software Subscription View Decision2024.055 Decision Record - Body Worn Video - CN1003189_ (002)_Redacted
2024.054 Dan Golds Hewlett Packard Enterprise Refresh & Upgrade View Decision
2024.053 Tracey Morris Transfers to Reserves 2023/24 View Decision2024.053 Decision Record Transfer to Reserves 2023-24__Redacted
2024.052 Phillip Gilbert Antisocial Behaviour Immediate Justice Allocation Funding (2024-2025) View Decision2024.052 Decision Record - Antisocial Behaviour Immediate Justice - 2024-25 003_Redacted
2024.051 Tracey Morris Capital Slippage 2023-24 View Decision2024.051 - REDACTED - Decision Record Capital Slippage 2023-24
2024.050 Gillian Holder Financial Strategies 2024-25 View Decision
2024.049 Nicola Wade Support for victims and bereaved families View Decision
2024.048 Christian Blakemore Provision of Air Handling Maintenance View Decision
2024.047 Steven Harrison Another Way Revised Budget View Decision2024.047 DR Another Way Revised Budget_Redacted
2024.046 Ruth Rolling Award of contract - Nottinghamshire Youth Commission View Decision
2024.045 Natalie Baker Napier Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP) Delivery Plan 2024/25 View Decision
2024.044 Nicola Wade College of Policing Review into Nottinghamshire Police's handling of Valdo Calocane case View Decision
2024.043 Briony Verma Safer Living Foundation - Aurora Project View Decision
2024.041 Sumaya Bihi 2024/25 PCC Grants to Nottingham Community Safety Partnership (CSP), Safer Nottinghamshire Board (SNB), Locality and Safer4ALL (S4A) View Decision
2024.040 Briony Verma J9 Project View Decision
2024.039 Danny Baker Acceptance of Funding from Premier League 2023/24 View Decision
2024.038  Sehar Hussain NHS MH Nurse Practitioner View Decision
2024.037 Briony Verma Sexual Violence Needs Assessment - Qualitative Element View Decision
2024.036 Natalie Baker Napier Harmful Sexual Behaviour and Mental Health Funding View Decision
2024.035 Natalie Baker Napier Building Bridges Breaking Barriers (BBBB's) - City Centre Detached Youth Work View Decision
2024.034 Danny Baker Revisions to the Revenue Budget 2023/24 - Q2 & Q3 View Decision
2024.033 Danny Baker Over £100k Virements as at end of Nov-23 View Decision
2024.032 Mark Kimberley Scheme Sanction Charge View Decision
2024.031 Natalie Baker-Napier Hotspot Response Model 140324 View Decision2024.031 DR - Hotspot Response Model 140324_Redacted
2024.030 Sarah-Louise Edwards Use of ARIS Funds View Decision
2024.28 Briony Verma Co-commissioning of Domestic Abuse Support Services in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire View Decision
2024.027 Rachel Street SVA Hub and Therapy Uplift View Decision
2024.026 Christian Blakemore Provision of Self Drive Vehicle Hire View Decision
2024.25 Rich Bacon Awards to reduce risk of violence and harm in the night-time economy View Decision
2024.023 Nicola Wade Collaboration Agreement and Secondment Agreement - Interim Chief Executive and Monitoring Office of the Office of the Police and Crime Commission ("OPCC") View Decision
2024.22 Philip Gilbert Antisocial behaviour immediate justice (ASB IJ) – Website View Decision
2024.21 Gillian Holder Budget 2024-25, MTFP & Capital Programme to 2028-29 View Decision
2024.020 Rich Bacon Late Night Levy funding for Body Worn Video in NTE View Decision
2024.019 Ruth Rolling Women Specific Conditional Cautions Project (Changing Lives) – Contract Extension View Decision
2024.18 Ruth Rolling Extension of Contract – Data Protection Officer and Information Governance Service View Decision
2024.16 Steve Harrison Another way: support for 18-24 year olds View Decision
2024.015 Rich Bacon Young Adult Prisoners Mentoring Intervention View Decision
 2024.014  Gillian Holder  Police Precept View Decision
2024.013 Dan Golds Mobile Phone Refresh 2024

View Decision

2024.012 Ruth Rolling Fraud Campaign - Confirmation of Funding

View Decision

2024.011 Dan Golds Workstations and Lenovo Laptops 2024

View Decision

2024.010 Briony Verma Reducing Harmful Sexual Behaviour in Schools View Decision
2024.009 Rachel Street Home Office CADA Grant Funding Reallocation April 2023 – March 2024

View Decision

2024.008 Briony Verma Prevention in Schools

View Decision

2024.007 Philip Gilbert Antisocial Behaviour Immediate Justice Funding Allocation - £1M

View Decision

2024.006 Briony Verma DA Perpetrator/IOM Survivor Support Service

View Decision

2024.005 Angela Hudson Response Vehicle Replacements

View Decision

2024.004 Stacey Trainer Safer Streets (Round 5) Nottingham City Funding Allocation 

View Decision

2024.002 Ruth Rolling Funding uplift and future funding confirmation for Substance Use services in Nottinghamshire County  

View Decision

 2024.001  Dan Golds  Provision of Appropriate Adults

 View Decision