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Decision Record 2016

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This page is where you can view the decisions made by Nottinghamshire's Police and Crime Commissioner during 2016.  The table below was updated on a regular basis as decisions were made.

Decision Records for 2016
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Summary of Decision - 2016 

2016.057 Leanne Bryant

Award of Contract for Cleaning

To recommend approval for entering into a contract for general cleaning with Solo Service Group.

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2016.056 Tim Wendels

Cotgrave Police Station

  1. To agree to take a 999 year Lease of accommodation within the new multi agency building at Candleby Lane, Cotgrave, in exchange for the freehold of the existing Police Station.
  2. To increase the annual revenue budget for Cotgrave Police Station by £1,416 from 2018/19 and to provide for one off revenue costs of £7,800 to facilitate the move to the new premises.
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2016.055 David Heason

CCTV Control Room at Sherwood Lodge

To agree to grant a lease of accommodation within the Stores Block at Sherwood Lodge to Newark and Sherwood District Council.

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2016.054 Supt Matthew McFarlane

Taser - Deployment to Nottinghamshire Police Officers

To approve the funding required to support the training and equipment costs for taser deployment.

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2016.053 Charlotte Radford

Award of Contract for External Forensic Service Provision to the East Midlands Region of Police Forces

A new contract be entered into effective from 1 April 2017 for External Forensic Service Provision to the East Midlands Region for a period of 7 years, with the ability to extend to 10 years in total.

This new contract be awarded to Cellmark Forensic Services as the ‘most economically advantageous tender’ received taking into account all price and non-price award criteria

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2016.052 Lynette-Jane Young

Scrap Cycles for Donation

Nottinghamshire Police would like to donate bikes to provide investment in the local community and the education of young people through mechanical and practical skills being taught via the servicing and rebuilding of bikes.

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2016.051 Leanne Bryant

Award for Contracts for Vehicle Recovery Services

This supersedes Decision record 2016.038- contract has not changed but some criteria has. The purpose of this report is to recommend approval for award of contract for Lot 1 - East Yorkshire Motorsport (Sparrow).

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2016.050 Philip Gilbert

Tackling Hate Crime - Heartstone Story Modules 2016 - Educational Development Project

The Commissioner is requested to approve the £5,000 revenue funding for this project for 2016/17, one year only.

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2016.048 Tim Wendels

Replacement Front Counter for Carlton Police Station

Following the proposed closure of Carlton Police Station in April 2017, alternative arrangements will be required for Front Counter provision. At the FEB Meeting on 18th July, 2017, it was agreed to set up a joint Front Counter with Gedling Borough Council at St George's Centre, Victoria Road, Netherfield. Unfortunately, Gedling Borough Council have decided not to proceed with the proposals and therefore an alternative solution is now required for the Police.

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2016.047 Paul Stock

Strategic Alliance Stage Gate Meeting - 23rd June 2016 - Key Decisions

Moving forward, the term “Strategic Alliance” would be withdrawn from use and the term “Tri-Force Collaboration” used instead.

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2016.045 Paul Whitehall

Award of Contract for Supply of Electricity

The recommendation is that a call-off agreement is entered into with EDF Energy for the ongoing Supply of Electricity and Ancillary Services to Nottinghamshire Police.

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2016.044 Tim Wendels

Selston Police Station

To agree to terminate the Lease of Selston Police Station at the earliest opportunity.

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2016.042 Paul Whitehall

Award of Framework for Covert Vehicle Hire

The recommendation is that Lots 1 & 3 of the framework agreement be awarded to Anglo American Filming Vehicles Limited and Lot 2 to Thrifty Car & Van Rental, as both the ’most economically advantageous tender (M.E.A.T)’ capable of acceptance for these lots. Anglo American also represent one of our current incumbent service providers in this area and no significant negative performance issues have been reported by any force which would lead us not to award a further contract to them. Thrifty meanwhile are a national wide company generally involved in vehicle hire.

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2016.041 Cheryl Choong Lewis MCIPS

The Refurbishment of Oxclose Lane Police Station

To award the contract to G F Tomlinson under the SCAPE framework for the alterations and refurbishment works and the total contract value of £690,434.65 excluding VAT. 

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2016.040 Kevin Dennis

Chief Constable Recruitment

Recruitment for a new Chief Constable commenced on 1st September 2016.  Candidates have until 23rd September 2016 (noon) to submit an application.  College of Policing have been asked to support the recruitment process; including undertaking an executive search.  In addition, an independent member has been appointed to provide a written report to the Police and Crime Panel on the process.

Approve the revised Chief Constable Job Description, Person Specification and Relocation and Benefits Package in addition to appointment of College of Policing and Independent Member to support the appointment process and to meet statutory legislation.

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2016.039 Cheryl Choong Lewis MCIPS

Waste Management Services National Framework Agreement

To provide an informed procurement strategy for all waste collection and disposal requirement for – Nottinghamshire Police (Lead Force), Northamptonshire Police, Leicestershire Police and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.

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2016.038 Leanne Bryant

Award of Contracts for Vehicle Recovery Services

Recommend approval for entering into contract for the provision of recovery services for Nottinghamshire Police

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2016.037 Charlotte Radford

Urgent Payment Requests

To approve the change to the Financial Regulations

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2016.036 Charlotte Radford

Appointment of External Auditors

The Commissioner is requested to support the process of procuring External Audit Service, via the nationally led project of the LGA.

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2016.035 Nicola Wade

Procurement of new victim support and victim-initiated restorative justice services 2017-2022

The PCC now wishes to procure a new service, which will be called Nottinghamshire Victims’ CARE, based on the findings of the independent review.  Nottinghamshire Victims’ CARE will run for 3.5 financial years from 1 October 2016 to 31 March 2020, with the possibility of two one year extensions until March 2022. The period 1 October to 31 December is a mobilisation period with delivery of the new service beginning on 1 January 2017. 

The potential overall value of the contract is £3,328,364, to be funded by £1,109,455 from Community Safety Grant and £2,218,909 from Victims’ Services Grant. 

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2016.034 Gerard Milano

Application to use Police Property Act Funds (Operation Mercury)

Approval for £90,000 of the funds held within the Police Property Act Fund Reserve to be used in line with the Police Property Act legislation to fund Operation Mercury.

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2016.033 Dan Howitt

Youth Commission 2016/2017

The PCC plans to commission Leaders Unlocked to deliver targeted engagement with young people and under-represented groups across Nottinghamshire in 2016/17. 20 young adults from diverse backgrounds will be recruited and trained to join the Youth Commission which will include harder-to-reach groups such as ex-offenders.

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2016.032 Kevin Dennis

Recruitment of Permanent Chief Constable and Acting Chief Constable

To commence recruitment of a new permanent Chief  Constable and for Sue Fish to become Acting Chief Constable

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2016.031 Nicola Wade

Extension of Victim Support and Remedi Contracts

For the PCC to agree to:

  1. extend the current Victim Support contract from 1 April to 31 December 2016.  The value is up to £373,651 to be funded by 66% MoJ Victims’ Services Grant and 34% Community Safety Grant; and
  2. extend the current Remedi contract from 1 April to 31 December 2016.  The value is £112,600, to be funded by MoJ Victims’ Services Grant.  
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2016.030 Helen Kane

Domestic Abuse Conference

To host a conference to launch the Evaluation of the Medium Risk Plus Intervention, to showcase good practice locally in the domestic abuse field and to raise awareness / provide information around the new coercive control offence.

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2016.029 Tim Wendels

Southwell Police Station

The PCC has previously agreed to terminate the Lease of the existing Southwell Police Station, which is much larger than is required going forward.  Notice has now been served to terminate the Lease with a vacation date of 7th June. 

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2016.028 Nicola Wade

Community Safety Budget 2016-17

The PCC has previously awarded community safety grants to the Crime and Drugs Partnership and the Safer Nottinghamshire Board to lead and deliver initiatives to achieve the strategic goals in the Nottinghamshire Police & Crime Plan.  He established a Community Safety Fund to make small grants of up to £25k to third sector organisations to deliver the Police & Crime Plan and also commissioned other small pieces of community safety work. 

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2016.027 Nicola Wade

Extension of funding for Sexual Assault Referral Centre and sexual violence support services in Nottinghamshire

The PCC has a responsibility to commission services for victims of crime, and to prioritise the victims of the most serious crime.

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2016.026 T/DI Les Charlton

Replacement of Digital Investigations Unit Equipment

The purpose of this project is to secure capital funding for the replacement of current forensic hardware with a new generation of computers to ensure the future operating efficiency of the Digital Investigation Unit (DIU).

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2016.025 Tim Wendels

Development of Partnership Hub at Mansfield Civic Centre and close/sale of Mansfield Woodhouse Police Station

  • To agree the lease of accommodation
  • To agree the sale of Mansfield Woodhouse Police Station
  • To agree to take an agreement for use of facilities at Vale Road Depot
  • To note anticipated revenue budget savings
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2016.024 Tim Wendels

Eastwood Police Station

Eastwood Police Station was built in 1878 with an extension in the 1980s. The Station is basic and in poor condition and requires a major refurbishment including bringing the mechanical and electrical systems up to standard. The Station is also much larger than required and opportunities exist to reduce ongoing revenue costs and obtain a capital receipt from the sale of the existing Station and the Hilltop House site which was purchased for a new build which did not take place and is no longer required.
Five options have been considered. Option B which is a co-location with Eastwood Town Council at 120 Nottingham Road, Eastwood is the recommended option as it meets the requirements at the lowest cost.

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2016.023 Lorraine Worthington-Allen

Award of Regional Contract for Chronicle Software

The decision required is approval to proceed with the contract on a three year term

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2016.022 Susan Martin

Levy Decision Form 16-17

The Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner has agreed a funding arrangement which will provide the Nottingham Street Pastor Project with £12,000 per year from April 2016 until March 2019. 

The award will be funded from the Nottingham City late night levy.

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2016.021 Leanne Bryant

Award of framework for medical services in custody and sexual offence examination

The purpose of this report is to recommend approval for entering into contract for the Provision of Medical Services in Custody and Sexual Offence Examination for Nottinghamshire Police. This report also seeks approval for the establishment of a  regional framework for the provision of such services, from  a number of suppliers at various charges and costs (as referred to later on in this report), for a period of 4 years, effective from 1st June 2016 to 31st May 2020.

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2016.020 Leanne Bryant

Award of call off contract for medical services in custody

To enter into a two year contract with G4S by signing the call-off contract to allow the provision of Medical Services in Custody and Sexual Offence Examination for Nottinghamshire Police.


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2016.018 David Machin

2016/17 Charging Rates for Police Services

This is the annual review of the Charging Rates for Police Services for Nottinghamshire Police which will be used during the financial year 2016/17 to recover costs for activities undertaken for third parties.

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2016.017 Tim Wendels

Southwell Police Station

Southwell Police Station is owned by Southwell Town Council and let to the Police by way of a 25 year Lease expiring in 2025 at a rent of £9,500 per year excluding rates and running costs.  The total average cost for the building is £26,800 per year.

The lease agreement allows a break option every 5 years with the next opportunity being 7th June, 2016, subject to 3 months notice. If the lease is to be terminated, notice will need to be given by 7th March, 2016. It will be a further 5 years before another opportunity to terminate the lease arises.

Changes in occupancy of the building mean that there will only be 3 staff from the Neighbourhood Beat Team at Southwell. The Station will be far too large for this team. A smaller alternative will be sought either within the Town Council premises or elsewhere within the Town.

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2016.016 Philip Gilbert

Gifted4Good – Promotion of BME Improvements in Policing Experiences (£500)

The Commissioner is requested to approve the £500 payment to Gifted4Good to promote BME Improvements in Policing Experiences

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2016.015 Philip Gilbert

BME Steering Group Conference 19th March 2016 - £400

The Commissioner is requested to approve the £400 additional revenue funding for this conference. 

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2016.012 Charlotte Radford

Precept, Budgets and Supporting Reports 2016-17

To formalise the decision to increase the precept by 1.99% and approve revenue and capital budgets, approve MTFP, approve Reserves Strategy, Indicative Capital Expenditure plans and Treasury Management Strategy.

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2016.011 Charlotte Radford

Use of Reserves

The Commissioner is requested to formally approve the further use of £4.2m from reserves to meet the estimated shortfall against the budget in 2015-16.

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2016.010 Lisa Gilmour

Ex-gratia Payment for Independent Members at Police Misconduct Hearings

That the Commissioner agrees to pay the independent members an additional half day rate of £88 each for the additional work undertaken outside of normal working hours.

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2016.009 Nicola Wade

City Domestic Abuse, Sexual Violence and Prevention Tenders: award of contracts

The PCC is requested to approve the award of co-commissioned domestic abuse, prevention and sexual violence tenders in the city. 

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2016.008 Nicola Wade

2016-17 Community Safety Fund

To approve the launch of the 2016-17 Community Safety Fund up to £250,000

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2016.007 Philip Gilbert

Funding for transition medium risk service in City

To agree to provide funding to WAIS

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2016.006 Philip Gilbert

Purchase ‘bundle’ of SMS text messages for use with Neighbourhood Alert System to target Rural Crime

The Commissioner is requested to approve the £1k revenue funding for this pilot.

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2016.005 Nicola Wade

Youth Crime Reduction and Sport 5k

To approve the £5k revenue funding 

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2016.004 Nicola Wade

Change in profile of domestic and sexual violence support spend in Nottingham for 2016-7 and 2017-9

The Commissioner to agree the change in profile of spend outline in decision records 2015.045 and 2015.050

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2016.003 Nicola Wade

Additional 2015-6 Community Safety Fund grants

To approve additional grants to be made as follows for the remainder of 2015-6: 

  1. Communities Inc: £2,000 to deliver additional hate crime reporting work;
  2. Equation: £6,858.68 to deliver work to support girls affected by gangs;
  3. Nowchurch: £400 to deliver mentoring with offenders who are substance misusers.

This is a total of £9,258.68 to be funded by anticipated underspends within the community safety grant. 

  1. Devon & Cornwall Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner: £4,000 to deliver a pilot to reduce street drinking.

This is a total of £4,000 to be funded by the Prevent Budget.

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2016.002 Nicola Wade

Additional 2015-16 Community Safety Fund Grant for Re:guard project

To approve additional funding

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2016.001 Nicola Wade

Extension of Victim Support Contract and follow up from Independent Review of Victims Services

For the PCC to agree to:                    

  1. pay for additional consultancy time for work related to the review.  The cost is £1,462.50, to be paid for from the Community Safety Grant;
  2. pay for and host a victims’ stakeholder conference to consult on the new victim service model.  The conference will take place on 1 March.  A budget of up to £4,000 is requested, to be paid for from the Community Safety Grant;
  3. extend the current Victim Support from 1 January to 31 December 2016, subject to confirmation of both the PCC’s 2016-7 settlement from Government and the MoJ Victims’ Services Grant for 2016-7.  The value for January to March 2016 is up to £137,278, to be funded by 50% MoJ Victims’ Services Grant and 50% Community Safety Grant.   
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